3rd Avenue Branch

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3rd Avenue Branch
MetroM.png Metro1.png
Disused rail line
Operator(s) Never in operation
Line Length 0.42km
WolfMinster North-South
Westford none
Mechanicsburg none

The 3rd Avenue Branch (also known as Line 0) is a WolvHaven Metro disused rail line running North-South of WolfMinster between 10th to 16th Streets serving the central business district - La Resistance. This section of the WolvHaven Metro was never opened for revenue service and was supposed to belong to Metro Line 1.



The 3rd Avenue Branch was to be the original route for line 1's phase 2. However, due to budget limitations and the war effort, funding was cut and the project was discontinued as the completion of Metro Line 2 to Parkroyal was deemed more important by officials. The severe lack of funding had also produced lower quality stations for this section of the line compared to the grand, extravagant and colorful stations on the rest of Line 1.

When funding was cut, the 4 unnamed stations' platforms were already in place but had no entrances or exits. However, rails were installed and electrified throughout the branch. The 3rd Avenue Branch was to be used as a place to store trains when they were not in service.


There have been rumors that a Metro employee who was inspecting the rails in the branch one day was struck and killed by an oncoming train which was being taken out of service. Since then people believe that the tunnel remains as the home of his spirit and some have reported seeing figures as the their train approached or departed Renaissance station, where the entrance to the branch is.

This has led to multiple urban explorers attempting to enter the branch at night after the last trains had departed Renaissance station.


With the new line 1 depot at Palais De Royal, the branch had been obsolete and plans were made to demolish it. Several attempts were made by contractors to fill in the tunnel. However, these numerous attempts have failed. A contractor who was filling up the station was killed in a work related accident while another went into the tunnel and was never seen again with police yet to locate him. It was then decided to call off the demolition/filling up of the branch and it was left there without maintenance with the entrance fenced off.


Following the attempts to demolish the branch, the department of transport decided to convert it into a public space, turn it into a temporary training track to train drivers for the manual metro lines or open a new line (the original plan for line 3) for the metro with new platforms at Renaissance.

The proposal to convert it into a public space involved the platforms being converted into cafes and shops or even a swimming pool while the tracks would be removed and pieces of artwork would be hung along the tunnel walls like an art gallery.

It was decided to convert the area into a temporary training railway for metro drivers training to operate trains on the manual lines. This training track is still in use today.

Popular culture

The railway has inspired a popular story titled "abandoned tunnel" where a group of urban explorers decide to venture into the tunnel and ran into herobrine himself and never returned.