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Founder Aldranster50
Owner Aldranster50
Current Companys stopoffcafe, A & A Railway, Rockham Transport, Rockham Constituency Party
Future Companys Metro Line 4, Metro Line 5
HQ Currently Non, But Planned To Be In Rockham

The ACCL (Aldranster Co. Company Limited) Is A Company Which Owns Shops, Railways And More, Mainly By Aldranster50. The ACCL Was Formed In Late 2015 (As On Other Server(s).



A & A Railway (50% Funding) [LOCKDOWN]

Transport For Rockham

Connect Central (Partial)

Rockham Constituency Party


stopoffcafe Is A Shop Which First Shop Was Opened On Another Sever (shut-down and not on mention-able list) In Around Late 2015. Ever Since Then, stopoffcafe Has Had 3 Shops Opened In Wolvhaven (4th Haven), At City Hall, Dakota Metro Mall And Stalingrad & Sarglia.


City Hall: Nearest Station: City Hall (M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, MS, BERT DL)

Dakota Metro Mall: Nearest Station: Dakota (M2, M4, BERT CL)

Stalingrad & Sarglia Nearest Station: Stalingrad South (BERT WF), Stalingrad (M2) And Sarglia South (T1 & T3)

A & A Railway

The A & A Railway Was A Rename Of Aldrailhaven, And 50% Is Being Funded By ACCL. It Is A Railway Based In Pangea. [LOCKDOWN]

Transport For Rockham

TfR Is The Transportation System In Rockham, Responsible For The Metro, Tram, Busses & Roads. It Also Responsible For Houses Built In Rockham


Rockham Tramways (Partial Opened)

Rockham Metro (To Be Constructed)

rockhamboat (Routes To Be Finalised)


ConnectCentral Is Owned By All 3 Transport Companys Of Castelnau Le Lez, Dalesburg & Rockham, And A Route Is Due To Run Through All 3 Cities

Rockham Constituency Party

The Party Was Formed On 18/06/17. It Made A Huge Shock By Wining A Seat In The Recent General Elections. Rockham Constituency Party

Former Companys/Future Companys

The ACCL Has Had Some Failed Companys Before, So Here Are The List Of Former & Future Companys

Former Companys

EverythingUnder5 (Non-Wolvhaven) 2015-2015.

AldRail (Non-Wolvhaven) 2016-2016.

*******boat (Non-Wolvhaven) 2016-2016

Aldbus (Non-Wolvhaven) 2016-2016

Aldrailhaven (Wolvhaven) 2016-2016.

Future Companys