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Founder Aldranster50
Owner Aldranster50
Current Companys stopoffcafe, ACCL Transit
Future Companys n/a
HQ Currently Non, But Planned To Be In Rockham

The ACCL (Aldranster Co. Company Limited) Is A Company Which Owns Shops, Railways And More, Mainly By Aldranster50. The ACCL Was Formed In Late 2015 (As On Other Server(s).



ACCL Transit


stopoffcafe Is A Shop Which First Shop Was Opened On Another Sever (shut-down and not on mention-able list) In Around Late 2015. Ever Since Then, stopoffcafe Has Had 3 Shops Opened In Wolvhaven (4th Haven), At City Hall, Dakota Metro Mall And Stalingrad & Sarglia. During recent reforms. stopoffcafe retained its identity due to the ACCL owning no food companies.


City Hall: Nearest Station: City Hall (M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, MS, BERT DL)

Dakota Metro Mall: Nearest Station: Dakota (M2, M4, BERT CL)

Stalingrad & Sarglia Nearest Station: Stalingrad South (BERT WF), Stalingrad (M2) And Sarglia South (T1 & T3)

ACCL Transit

ACCL Transit is an algimation of transit companies owned by the ACCL.

A & A Railway

The A & A Railway was originally a railway owned by the ACCL and ACL but due to the owner of the ACL going inactive the ACCL owns full shares in the company.


The ACCL Owns the ConnectCentral lines in Rockham.

Rockham Transport

Rockham Transport maintains Metro & Tram services in Rockham. It also maintains roads & buildings.