Apex Inc

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Apex Inc
CEO Mopsistudios
Number of subsidaries 6
Headquaters Futures Tower, Konstanz
Most well known for The Coffee House

Apex Inc is the parent company of multiple subsidiaries companies owned by mopsistudios. Apex Inc was founded on 20/2/17.

Apex Inc. Subsidiaries:


MopsiProperty is the real estate branch that owns, and operates, Galarie De Renai Mall.


MopsiCrop is the oldest of all Apex Inc. subsidiaries, making it the 'place where it all began'. MopsiCrop handles the harvesting of crops, the sending of crops to the central storage system (a secret location) as well as the distribution to various MopsiShops.


MopsiTransit mostly operates in the Gardellian town of Konstanz which is owned by Mopsi.


QuickMart is Apex Inc's retail and supermarket branch, mostly selling harvested crops produced by MopsiCrop. QuickMart has several locations including:

  • Airport food court
  • Stalingrad Shops (supermarket)

The Coffee House

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Konstanz Air

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