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Franchise Overview
Owner autobus22
Number of shops 6
Worlds City (Selling items for use in Survival)

Autowoodz is a store chain that sells mainly wood and wood appliances, basic blocks, Farm items and tools in Wolvhaven.

Store Types

Interior of the Nation Mall Autowoodz


Sells less then the Expresse - Only intended for quick shopping purposes for very basic items.


Sells basic wood types, Limited Basic Blocks, Limited Farming Items, Limited Mining Items and Limited Wood Appliances


Sells basic wood types, Limited Basic Blocks, Limited Farming Items, Mining Items, Wood Appliances, Limited Tools & Weapons and Basic Food


Sells all wood types, Basic Blocks, Farming Items, Mining Items, Iron Appliances, Tools & Weapons and Limited Basic Food

XXL Megastore

Sells all wood types, Expansive Basic Blocks, Expansive Farming Items, Expansive Mining Items, Wood Appliances, Iron Appliances, Expansive Tools, Expansive Weapons, Basic Food, Fish, Dye & Wool, Mob Drops and Flowers & Plants


Autowoodz location Mechanicsburg West
Autowoodz location Ferry Park
Autowoodz location Dakota Exchange
Autowoodz location Liberty Mall
Autowoodz location Parkview Parade
Autowoodz location Marine View Mall
Store Nr. Location Name Location Nearby Transport Type Status
#1 Mechanicsburg West Mechanicsburg Metro Mechanicsburg (6/8) and Hillview (6) Local Open
#2 Ferry Park Ferry Park Bus 101 Expresse Open
#3 Dakota Exchange Dakota Exchange Metro Dakota (2/4) Regular Open
#4 Liberty Liberty Mall Metro Liberty (2) and Bus 101 Expresse Open
#5 Nation Parkview Parade Metro Republic (1) Large Open
#6 Marine View Marine View Mall Bus 103 Regular (+) Open