Bad Fischdorf

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Bad Fischdorf is the Village of Pixelixel located on YN9 in Northern Gardellia.

Allies and Alliances

Bad Fischdorf is a member in the North West Gardellia Alliance and in the North Gardellia Alliance. The neighbour cities of Bad Fischdorf are Fukuya (by OscarTheOscar_), DolphinPlains (by Delfino88). Some distance away are the Cities Cranbrook (by Baymax1020) , Schitt's Creek (by hurricanepanda08) and Linirea (by Penguino82).


There are 4 ways of transport in the City:


The Metro is a manually driven train formed of 7 minecarts (MF17M) trains. These trains can accelerate and breake really fast and can reach a speed of 0.8 bpt. The only Metro line in Bad Fischdorf runs between Fishervillage and Pool station with a stop at Hauptbahnhof (Central Station).


Trams are currently under construction but when they are finished, they will connect Woodlands Island and the VillagerVillage with the Central station. The line will also stop at the river.


There are 2 InterCity lines stopping at Bad Fischdorf. These are [IC-1] and [IC-2]. [IC-1] was first opened between Bad Fischdorf and Fukuya but got extended with the tie and is now connecting the Council, Schitt's Creek and DolphinPlains.

Gardellia Mainline

The first station that opened was Bad Fischdorf Hauptbahnhof which is known as YN 9 and is located on the Yellow line.