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The Cabinet of the Federal Republic of WolvHaven (also referred as Cabinet) is the collective decision-making body of Government of WolvHaven, composed of the Prime Minister and 5 cabinet ministers, the most senior of the government ministers.

Current Cabinet

As of July 2018,

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Party Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
     Forward WolvHaven Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Grass_Jelly, MP April 2018-
     Forward WolvHaven Deputy Prime Minister
Chief Minister of Gardellia
Hon. minebuilder1223, MP April 2018-
     Democratiam Leader of the House Hon. MC_Dunc, MP April 2018-
     Democratiam Minister for Infrastructure Hon. Mystiquely, MP April 2018-
     Forward WolvHaven Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. _ezzo, MP April 2018-
     Forward WolvHaven Minister for Home Affairs Hon. VincentLUMCFan, MP April 2018-
     The Centre Minister for Finance Hon. mopsistudios July 2018-

List of Cabinets

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