Castelnau Arena

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Castelnau Arena
Castelnau Arena.png
City Castelnau Le Lez
Capacity 1021
Metro Castelnau Underground
ConnectCentral A and B


Matthieu_Dinh, mayor of Castelnau le Lez was interested in making the city join the Gardellia Hockey League after having watched a hockey match between the Dalesburg Flight and the Palm Ridge Suns. As required by the League, he had to build a hockey rink for his team's home matches. Meanwhile during a practice match against the Dalesburg Flight, the strongest in the League, he found out that his team, the Castelnau Conquest were equally as strong as them and that they were going to be rivals throughout the season. Because of this rivalry, the mayor of Castelnau Le Lez wanted a bigger hockey arena then the one in Dalesburg which was already quite big by Gardellian standards.