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Chest.jpg This page is obsolete. It is kept for historical interest only. It may contain information that is obsolete and/or no longer relevant.

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City Hall
Wolv Haven Government Building
Build team:
Builders Ryanjameslim
CART - City Hall Interchange


The Wolv Haven City Hall was the first building to be built in the NewHaven Island. It has a large golden dome on top and a flag pole for Wolv Haven's sever flag. The City Hall used to house the admins of the server. Users can get a free Book and Quill, write a message and send it to the admins by dropping it into the letter box. It is unknown what is inside the Gold Dome. Some say it is made out of pure gold, others say its made out of iron, but coated with gold on the outside. Some even say that inside the some is a secrect staff room where the staff teleport into the dome for discussions and more.

This building was the greatest of its time and is listed as one of the heritage buildings in Wolv Haven City for its great sense in architecture and the details in the building and is protected by the City Heritage Board. This means that the builing will be hard to tear down as it is a protected building and the City Heritage Board will do whatever it takes to prevent the building from being moved, demolished or damaged or altered in any way.

Staff office moving

As of July, the staff offices have since moved to the Parliament Centre (used to be called Harbour Gateway) which is loacated at the shore of the northern side of Victoria Bay