City Hall Metro Station

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City Hall
City Hall.jpeg
Build Team
Lead Architect: SilverWolv
Builder(s): SilverWolv
MetroM.png Metro1.png Metro Line 1
MetroM.png Metro2.png Metro Line 2
MetroM.png Metro4.png Metro Line 4
MetroM.png Metro5.png Metro Line 5
MetroM.png Metro6.png Metro Line 6
MetroM.png Metro7.png Metro Line 7
MetroM.png Metro8.png Metro Line 8
MetroM.png Metro10.png Metro Line 10
Tourism: City Hall, Spawn and Eiffel Tower (Republic and Government District)
Next Station: Metro1.png Republic or Palais De Royal
Metro2.png Liberty or Terminus
Metro4.png Government District or Terminus
Metro5.png Waterloo or Terminus
Metro6.png Waterloo or Terminus
Metro7.png Waterloo or Terminus
Metro8.png Waterloo or Terminus
Metro10.png La Resistance or Terminus

City Hall is a WolvHaven Metro Station, serving Metro lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 and the Bella Vista Shuttle. There is a connection to the BERT station, and near the station are the Eiffel Tower and City Hall.

La station en son genre

The station has 8 platforms serving 8 lines, making it one of the biggest interchanges of the entire WH Metro system. Line 1 exclusively has 2 platforms as City Hall is an intermediate station on Metro Line 1 while the rest have only one platform each. All platforms are in a side-by-side layout. The station has a very big concourse with high ceilings and pillars, featuring a gothic-styled concourse. The station also has numerous passageways leading to various exits of the station, making City Hall one of the most complexed station structures.


The station is between Palais de Royal and Republic on Metro Line 1 while on Metro Line 2 the next station towards Esplanade is Liberty. The next station to the north on Metro Line 4 is Government District and on Metro Lines 5, 6, 7 and 8 the next station towards Esplanade is Waterloo. Metro Line 10 runs next to Line 1 as an express, stopping at La Resistance after City Hall, and then splitting off towards the airport. The Bella Vista Shuttle uses the M5 platform on its service to Waterloo.