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The New Civic Union (or the CIV for short), is a party created in 15th of May 2017 by Starcubed.

Here at the CIV, we strive for equality and social welfare. We make our bills through thorough research and polling to ensure strong political support and backing.

The CIV is based in Ichitoshi, and there are currently 1 member(s) in the CIV.

Party Members

Starcubed (Party Leader)


Proposed Bills

Dynmap Lag Relief Bill

Due to the recent severe lagging on the server, the CIV will propose to use a 24 hour Dynmap render instead of the current instant render system. This bill is currently undergoing research and this bill is not ready yet. We are planning to get this bill into the 27th of May Parliament Session.

Airline Aviation Economy Bill

To for a more competitive Aviation Market in the WolvHaven, We propose to make Airlines more competitive by forcing airlines to charge people to ride planes, and for airports to charge airlines for gates. We want to integrate this with the new economy. This bill is currently under planning and research.

Manual Operations Service Bill

To make for a more reliable service in the Manual Lines of the Wolvhaven Metro, We are currently designing a plan to help increase Metro Reliability on Manual Lines. This bill is currently under planning and research.