Civil TNT War

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This page's content is related to the Wolv City era of the city. Content in this page should not be confused with the current world.

The Civil TNT War was a civil war that broke out in the WolvCity Era back in 2012 which involved massive loads of TNT. The war started when a bomb threat was made to destroy one of the Republic Party's buildings. A few days later, the building was bombed with TNT. The Republic Party suspected that it was the Dark Party and both parties declared war on each other. On the day they declared war against each other, Wolv Haven citizens were given a choice to choose which party to support. Soon there were bombings everywhere in the city with skyscrapers being bombed every minute creating chaos and havoc in the City. Even the Old Wolv Haven City Hall was bombed. Eventually the Republic Party won the war as they had more man power and the Dark Party was disbanded.