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This page shows the lists of commands that players have access to.

Basic Commands

Command Description
/afk Marks you as away-from-keyboard
/back Teleports you to your location prior to teleport/spawn/warp/death
/balance States the current balance of a player
/balancetop Gets the top balance values
/clearinventory Clear all items in your inventory
/compass Describes your current bearing
/sethome Set your home to your current location
/home Teleport to your home
/delhome Remove a home
/gamemode Change your gamemode
/help View a list of available commands
/ignore Ignore or unignore other players
/kit Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits
/mail Manage inter-player, intra-server mail
/me Describes an action in the context of the player
/msg & /tell Send a private message the specified player
/pay Pays other player from your balance
/ping Pong!
/ptime Adjust player's client time.
/pweather Adjust a player's weather
/seen Shows the last logout time of a player
/skull Set the owner of a player skull
/suicide Causes you to perish
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request
/tpadeny Reject a teleport request
/spawn Teleport to the spawnpoint

VIP Commands

Command Description
/enderchest Let you see inside an enderchest
/hat Get some cool new headgear
/speed Change your speed limits.
/tpa request to teleport to the specified player
/tpahere Request that the specified player teleport to you
/tpacancel Cancel all outstanding teleport requests
/workbench Opens up a workbench