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Public Transport System
Owner: Matt Transit
CEO Matthieu_Dinh
Est. Total track length ?
Line(s): 6
Parent Company Matt Transit
System Map
ConnectCentral RealMap.png

Connect is a brand operated by Matt Transit in Gardellia. It is catered for cities requiring an intra-city or an intercity transit system. You can contact Matthieu_Dinh by discord if you wish to have Matt Transit design a Connect brand transit system (it does not however need to be named ConnectTownName).

Castelnau Le Lez - Palm Ridge Line

See main article Matt Transit Castelnau Le Lez - Palm Ridge Line

This line was the original Connect line, the project is now stopped after the Gospley ban on trains. On the 26th of October 2017 the part of the line between Maguelones and Paillade has now become the ConnectCentral line D. (The part of the line between Canal and Maguelones isn't operational yet)


See main article ConnectCentral

This is a planned/semi built network that connects the towns of Castelnau, Dalesburg, Gospley, Palm Ridge and Rockham. It will comprise 5 lines.