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The Dalesburg Flight are a hockey team that participates in the Gardellia Hockey League, abbreviated GHL, and play in the TransHaven Center. They are owned by DNP_10 and use a K5LA train horn, consisting of the notes D#, B, G#, C#, and D# one octave up.


The Dalesburg Flight were the second team to join the league, following the Palm Ridge Suns. They then constructed their current arena, the TransHaven Center. After a great 2018 regular season in which they accumulated 12 points on the ice and 5 extra points from their 6 missed appearances, the Dalesburg Flight turn their attention from a 5-3-0 season to the playoffs: They face the undefeated Castelnau Conquest in the first round.

Jerseys and Colors

The Flight have three jerseys: Their home jersey carries the teams main colors of blue, orange, and white, through white strips outlined in orange on a blue background. The shoulders also have a bar across them in orange. However, their road sweaters are much different. The blue is replaced by white, the orange replaced by blue, and the white replaced by orange. The third jersey is also a brand new look that fans can expect when the team makes their first start after a road trip. This jersey is a blue background with blue and orange stripes crossing the bottom of the jersey. The number on the back is in blue to contrast the home jersey, where it is orange.