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Coat of Arms Gothia Septentrionalis.png
Capital Haldenstein
Official Language German
Ethnical Groups 76% Austro-Germanic, 23% Italian, 1% German
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Demonym Deuserreicher
Government Autocratic Monarchy

964-1358 Kingdom of Deuserreich > 1358-1469 Magdaler-Deuserreich > 1469-1727 Kingdom of Deuserreich > 1727-1913 Empire of Deuserreich > 1913-1938 Fascist Deuserreich >

1938-Now Kingdom of Deuserreich

May 2017 - 753,000

Density - 5647.3/km2
Drives on the right side
Calling code +64


Deuserreich, officially the Kingdom of Deuserreich (German: Königreich Deuserreich), is a country consisting of only one city, Haldenstein. It does not border any city at the moment, and the only connection with the rest of Gardellia is an express railway line to Magdalenenburg. Deuserreich is one of the biggest countries both by population and area. The highest concentration of inhabitants in Deuserreich is in central Haldenstein.

NOTE: This is only for fictional purposes.