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Throughout WolvHaven's 5 years of history, a culture has formed within the community, with this, comes certain new terms created by the community which are often seen in the server. The following is a list of words or abbreviations you may see on the WolvHaven server and their meanings.


P33pur People


Velcum Welcome.


Ass A common greeting. Usually, warrants a reply of the same word.


Railtard Term created by y0urs_Tru1y. This term is inspired from the word "Retard" and is used to describe people who come on the server and only ask for new rail lines on the server repeatedly even after they are rejected.

Abufuckingden Term created by jerminton . This term has stronger meanings to abuden(of course, what else?). It's meaning is same with the common English phrase "No Shit

joke party Term created by Ninjabob1797. This term is an alternative name for the Rockham Constituency Party

aerotard A term similar to “railtard ”, but represents someone who is mad about airplanes.

TrainJacking Hijacking a train