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EElevators is a plug-in in the server that allows users to build their own “realistic looking” elevators. However, building the elevator is a little bit complex. This page aims to teach you how to build.

Start to Build

Have the following things in your Hotbar for easy access : - Your building block - Cyan Terracotta - Stone Block - Block of Iron - Iron Door - Sign - Stone Slabs


This guide will teach you how to make a 2 by 2 elevator. Just expand as accordingly, with a outer ring, to make a bigger elevator. Build a 4 x 4 Hole , 3 blocks deep. Fill the first layer with Cyan Terracotta. Fill the second layer with Stone, and the topmost with Block of Irons. For block of iron, ONLY FILL THE RING, and completely, not leaving any sides without the block. Place Stone slabs (stacked like a block) in the middle. That will be your lift.

Per Level

The way you let the elevator know a new level has started is by placing a ring of Iron blocks. At each level, place two Iron doors, and a sign that is empty.

Topmost of your elevator

At the TOP, place a 4 by 4 structure with Cyan Terracotta.

Proceed to the bottom level now.

Place a sign inside the elevator, which is 1 block above the stone slabs. Then, get out and place the iron door. At the sign at Level 1 (outside), fill the first line with “[EElevator]”. The other lines are empty. Then, right click. Your elevator is ready.

Picture guide coming soon :D