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Emshercoal Incorporation
Founder Blalex
CEO Blalex
Founded 2017
Headquarters Ostwall 8-10, Nelsonburg, Gardellia (Station: GN6)

The Emshercoal Incorporation is a mining company in Gardellia headed in Nelsonburg & owned by Blalex. It owns 3 mines at the moment. The company specialized on mining and processing coal and producing charcoal. The company has a close co-operation with the steel company "Phoenix", which is also headed in Nelsonburg. Most of the steelworks are near the coalmines to save money for the transport of the coal.


Emshercoal Inc. was founded in August 2017, while the Coal-Boom happened in Westphalia. It profited from the massive demand coal had in 2017. Emshercoal opened up their first coalmine Zeche Stadtkrone in Nelsonburg, right in the southeast of Nelsonburg Mainstation. It was the biggest coalmine in Gardellia by that time. This coalmine closed, due to intense and massive mining, which exhausted the coal deposits completely. Experts say, that the coal will fully regenerate itself in 2050. Nowadays the Headquaters of Emshercoal Incorporation is situated, where the Coalmine Zeche Stadtkrone was. Moreover used the council of Nelsonburg to free space, to situate its financial district there. Skyscrapers were placed all over the old coalmine compound. In September 2017, Emshercoal expanded and opened up 5 more coalmines all over gardellia. 3 of them were located in Nelsonburg. After the Coal Boom started to flatten, Emshercoal had to shut down 2 of their mines. The Owner Blalex stated, that they weren't profitable anymore. Lots of workers lost their Jobs in Spacetown and Boltenhagen. In 2018 the company started to focus on environment protection. They started with their first project, the renaturation of the river Körne, which they used as sewer, when Zeche Stadtkrone still was in use. Emshercoal cleared the water of the river, renaturalized the riverbed and built up a bikeway at the southern embankment.

Mines under Emshercoal Incorporation

  • Coalmine Zeche Norm in Spacetown
  • Coalmine Zeche Schürbank in Boltenhagen (closed)
  • Coalmine Zeche Borussia in Nelsonburg-Wickede (closed)
  • Coalmine Zeche Stadtkrone in Nelsonburg-Stadtkrone (closed)