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Emshercoal Incorporation
Founder Blalex
CEO Blalex
Founded 2017
Headquarters Ostwall 8-10, Nelsonburg, Tremonia, Gardellia (Station: GN6)

The Emshercoal Incorporation is a mining company in Gardellia headed in Nelsonburg & owned by Blalex. It owns 3 mines at the moment. The company specialized on mining and processing coal and producing charcoal. The company has a close co-operation with the steel company "Phoenix", which is also headed in Nelsonburg. Most of the steelworks are near the coalmines to save money for the transport of the coal.

Mines under Emshercoal Incorporation

  • Coalmine Zeche Minister Stein in Nelsonburg-Hafen
  • Coalmine Zeche Norm in Spacetown
  • Coalmine Zeche Borussia in Nelsonburg-Wickede (closed)