Esplanade Metro Station

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Build Team
Lead Architect: SilverWolv
Builder(s): SilverWolv, UKGUK, chickenjoshbwak (JoshyFriedChickn)
MetroM.png Metro2.png Metro Line 2
MetroM.png Metro3.png Metro Line 3
MetroM.png Metro5.png Metro Line 5
MetroM.png Metro6.png Metro Line 6
MetroM.png Metro8.png Metro Line 8
Next Station: Metro2.png Terminus or La Resistance
Metro3.png Terminus or Primerose
Metro5.png Terminus or Marine View
Metro6.png Stadium or Primerose
Metro8.png Mechanicsburg or Primerose

Esplanade is a WolvHaven Metro Station right in the Northernmost Part of Westford. Metro Lines 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 currently serve the station.


A proposal for an Esplanade project was taken into account and was accepted by the WH government in 2015. This included the M2, M3, M5 and M6 extension. In addition, the M8 will have an intermediate station on its line between Primerose and Mechanicsburg. Cross-platform interchange is to be provided between the M2 and M3 platforms, and the M6 and M8 platforms. The M5 platforms are going to be built with an island layout above ground. The M6 and M8 platforms are to be built using the cut-and-cover method. The platforms for the M2 and M3 will be in a top and bottom layout in large tube tunnels. Construction work started in late December 2015 with the foundation works. Several delays due to layout problems has lengthened the time of the construction of the station.

Station Layout

The station has 10 platforms, 3 platforms more than City Hall, making the station a major interchange as well. The M2 and M3 platforms feature a cross-platform interchange layout. The departing M2 platform is level with the terminating M3 platform, being at the upper level. The terminating M2 platform is adjacent to the departing M3 platform, both situated at the lower level. The Metro Line 5 platforms are above the ticket hall. The M6 and M8 platforms are slightly below the ticket hall, having a cross-platform interchange layout too. The M8 platforms are in the middle with the M6 platforms next to them. The station will have lifts being installed to provide an accessible interchange among all lines.


Currently, only the Metro Line 5, Metro Line 2 and Metro Line 3 platforms are open whilst construction works take place in Mechanicsburg.


  • The M6 and M8 platforms represent NYC Subway Stations.
  • M5 is the only line to be above ground here.
  • This will be the only M2 station on Westford Island.
  • There was a plan of the M7 extension to here, but it is having a different station named Silloner
  • There is a plan of the M8 extension to Mechanicsburg.
  • If you look from the North end of the M8 platforms you can see the tunnel seperate into single track tubes and they begin to drop down to a lower level to go to Mechanicsburg.
  • As seen from the west end of the lower M2/M3 Platform, when you board the train you can see 3 track spawning caverns just west of the station. one track from each probably rises up to the upper level and becomes the opposite direction's track.
  • The M5 platform Dead-ends at bumper blocks, forcing the driver to reverse the train to leave the platform.