FWH-DEM-CEN Coalition

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FWH-DEM Coalition
Date Formed 5 May 2018
People and organisations
Head of State HE SilverWolv
Head of Government Rt. Hon. Grass_Jelly
Member parties
Status in legislature Majority (Coalition)
Opposition parties
Opposition leader 1st:
Election(s) April 2018
Outgoing election N/A
Legislature term(s) 9th Parliament
Predecessor PFG-SGNP-CEN Coalition
Successor N/A

     Forward WolvHaven and      Democratiam formed the FWH-DEM-CEN Coalition on 5 May 2018 after President SilverWolv invited to begin a new government following the April 2018 General Election. On 25 June 2018,      The Centre joined the coalition and making the Government have 14 seats.

List of Ministers

Portfolio Party Minister Term Start Term End
Rt. Hon. Grass_Jelly      Forward WolvHaven Prime Minister 5 May 2018 Incumbent
Hon. minebuilder1223      Forward WolvHaven Deputy Prime Minister
Chief Minister of Gardellia
5 May 2018 Incumbent
Hon. MC_Dunc      Democratiam Leader of the House 5 May 2018 Incumbent
Hon. Mystiquely      Democratiam Minister for Infrastructure 5 May 2018 Incumbent
Hon. _ezzo      Forward WolvHaven Minister for Foreign Affairs 5 May 2018 Incumbent
Hon. VincentLUMCFan      Forward WolvHaven Minister for Home Affairs 7 May 2018 Incumbent