Forward WolvHaven

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Forward WolvHaven
Fwh concept 3.7.png
Party Overview
Leader Grass_Jelly
Deputy Leader minebuilder1223
Founder minebuilder1223 & Ninjabob1797
Founded/Registered 25 March 2018/6 April 2018
Political Stance Centre-Right
Colours      Dark Red
Seats in House of Representatives
Seats in Senate

     Forward WolvHaven, which merged from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party, is a progressive party that aims to provide WolvHaven with stability and the ability to make decisions more effectively.

About the Party

     Forward WolvHaven is a progressive party in WolvHaven. Most of our members are from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party. The 2 parties merged after a period of stagnation within WH politics. This new party aims to change that and bring renewed and stronger leadership to WolvHaven.


  • Forge new relations with fellow servers and form agreements in order to assist our national security.
  • Begin preliminary construction works on Fifth Haven by planning infrastructure layouts.
  • Conduct a major review on the usefulness of the BERT system and make a decision on it's future.
  • Investigate options for streamlining the immigration process in order for it to be better prepared for large inluxes of tourists.
  • Implement legislation regarding use of the /tomap tool which will reduce it's imapct on server resources.

Statement from the Leader

I, Ninjabob1797, acknowledge my slightly undesirable record regarding bans. Yes it is not the best and no I do not deny. People change slowly over time and I have set my sights on becoming a nicer person, not just on the server but in general. I acknowledge that as the leader of Forward WolvHaven, my prominence is somewhat increased and so promise to better my behaviour. I can assure you that behind me I do have a strong team who will, were I to step out of line, intervene with harsh consequences from within the party. So I ask of you to please give me a fair and equal chance, starting on a clean slate, to at least prove myself and if I don't I promise that intervention from within my party will result in dire consequences for myself. To further clarify, I have apologised to the party that I have offended resulting in my ban, and we have come to an understanding of one another. I have apologised to him and we have both agreed to start off on a clean slate, so I ask you all to forgive me, have I offended you in the past. Please give me this chance to properly represent you and I do solemnly promise that my behaviour must improve as the leader of Forward Wolvhaven.

Yours humbly, Grass_Jelly


Rt. Hon. Grass_Jelly, MP, Prime Minister
Deputy Leader
Hon. minebuilder1223, MP
Hon. hinwapoon, MP
Hon. TheLamborghini, MP
Hon. VincentKUMCFan, MP
Hon. _ezzo, MP
Hon. lebokbok, MP

Results after the elections

Election Number of votes %age of votes Number of seats Members elected
April 2018
  • Ninjabob1797
  • minebuilder1223
  • hinwapoon
  • TheLamborghini
  • togaguy
  • _ezzo
  • disCackle