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Forward WolvHaven
Fwh concept 3.7.png
Party Overview
Leader minebuilder1223
Deputy Leader hinwapoon
Founder minebuilder1223 & Ninjabob1797
Founded/Registered 25 March 2018/6 April 2018
Disbanded 31 December 2019
Merger of      Party for Gardellia
     National Conservative Party
Merged into      United WolvHaven
Political Stance Centre-Right
Colours      Dark Red
Seats in House of Representatives
Seats in Senate

     Forward WolvHaven, which merged from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party, was a progressive party that aimed to provide WolvHaven with stability and the ability to make decisions more effectively.

About the Party

     Forward WolvHaven was a progressive party in WolvHaven. Most members were from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party. The 2 parties merged after a period of stagnation within WH politics. This new party aimed to change that and bring renewed and stronger leadership to WolvHaven.


  • If elected, we will introduce a new Constitution to WolvHaven to ensure the democratic processes of WolvHaven are enshrined in law and that the rights of players are protected and defended. This constitution will be consulted upon extensively before being introduced.
  • We pledge to persuade and ensure that the server is refocused to concentrate on the aspects that are most important to the community and lessen the focus on parts that have lost their importance.
  • We will investigate, find and propose a transfer plan from 4H to 5H to find the most effective way that the new city can be opened and that player's assets and commitments in 4H are impacted as little as possible.
  • We will also focus on revising and reinvigorating Gardellia such as the possibility of adding town ranks and new features which will help make the experience better.
  • We will make sure that the debate on the PR referendum and the TPA reform is wrapped up with all opinions taken in hand and changes being introduced.

Find a full version of our Manifesto 2019 here:


Forward WolvHaven - Forward your thoughts into Parliament


Hon. minebuilder1223, MP
Deputy Leader
Hon. hinwapoon, MP
Hon. _ezzo, MP
Hon. Grass_Jelly, MP
Hon. lecokcok, MP

Order of preference to enter parliament

  1. minebuilder1223
  2. hinwapoon
  3. Grass_Jelly
  4. CM_Raiders
  5. VincentLUMCFan
  6. MatthieuTofu
  7. lecokcok
  8. _ezzo
  9. Cupochan_
  10. TheLamborghini

Results after the elections

Election Leader Number of votes %age of votes Number of seats Seat change Members elected
April 2018 Ninjabob1797
  • Ninjabob1797
  • minebuilder1223
  • hinwapoon
  • TheLamborghini
  • togaguy
  • _ezzo
  • disCackle
January 2019 Grass_Jelly
  • Grass_Jelly
  • minebuilder1223
  • hinwapoon
  • _ezzo
  • VincentLUMCFan
  • lebokbok
  • TheLamborghini
July 2019 minebuilder1223
  • minebuilder1223
  • hinwapoon
  • Grass_Jelly
  • lecokcok
  • _ezzo

Glory to WH!