Forward WolvHaven

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Forward WolvHaven
Fwh concept 3.7.png
Party Overview
Leader Grass_Jelly
Deputy Leader minebuilder1223
Founder minebuilder1223 & Ninjabob1797
Founded/Registered 25 March 2018/6 April 2018
Political Stance Centre-Right
Colours      Dark Red
Seats in House of Representatives
Seats in Senate

     Forward WolvHaven, which merged from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party, is a progressive party that aims to provide WolvHaven with stability and the ability to make decisions more effectively.

About the Party

     Forward WolvHaven is a progressive party in WolvHaven. Most of our members are from      Party for Gardellia and      National Conservative Party. The 2 parties merged after a period of stagnation within WH politics. This new party aims to change that and bring renewed and stronger leadership to WolvHaven.


  • We pledge to fully support the WolvHaven Transformation 2020, which includes introducing and supporting legislation which will make parliament more accessible to everyone.
  • Conduct an investigation into the issues surrounding the current metro system, which includes TPS issues and other automatic lines which are causing metro lines to be closed on a regular basis.
  • Transfer the BERT system to government ownership and from that make further decisions on the future of the system.
  • Ban the usage of /dynmap hide to non-staff users in order to ensure the security of the server.
  • Put legislative controls on how people are able to use /tomap in order to prevent putting stress on server resources.
  • Open a direct contact line via a google form for people to be able to directly voice their opinions and ideas to the party.


Forward WolvHaven - Forward your thoughts into Parliament

Statement from the Leader

We have achieved great things in the session that has just passed us and we at Forward Wolvhaven have plans to further and build on the successes. This would not have been possible without the support and input of you, the community. My team and I would like to extend our warmest thanks to you for making this possible. While we may have different names and members, my party will do its best to ensure warm and friendly relations with all others. To ensure that the prosperity and future of our server, I encourage you to make an educated choice on which party you think best represents you. Once again, I would like to personally thank yoou, on behalf of Forward Wolvhaven, for a successful term. Here's to further growth in the next term.

Yours warmly, Grass_Jelly


Rt. Hon. Grass_Jelly, MP, Prime Minister
Deputy Leader
Hon. minebuilder1223, MP
Hon. hinwapoon, MP
Hon. _ezzo, MP
Hon. VincentKUMCFan, MP
Hon. lebokbok, MP
Hon. TheLamborghini, MP

Results after the elections

Election Number of votes %age of votes Number of seats Members elected
April 2018
  • Ninjabob1797
  • minebuilder1223
  • hinwapoon
  • TheLamborghini
  • togaguy
  • _ezzo
  • disCackle
January 2019