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Game Land
Founder hinwapoon
Co-Founder GukkyGukz
Executive Division
Chairperson GukkyGukz
Deputy Chairperson chickenjoshbwak
CEO and President hinwapoon
CFO and First Vice President Grass_Jelly
COO and Second Vice President _AngelKevin_
CIO and Third Vice President TBA
Sandbox Division
President of Sandbox Division Grass_Jelly
Vice President of Sandbox Division VincentLUMCFan
Leader of Sandbox Divsion Ziggy85
Deputy Leader of Sandbox Division Chickenjoshbwak
Gardellia Division
President of Gardellia Division _AngelKevin_
Vice President of Gardellia Division Baymax1020
Leader of Gardellia Division Cupochan_
Deputy Leader of Gardellia Division Grass_Jelly
Pangaea Division
President of Pangaea Division TBA
Vice President of Pangaea Division TBA
Leader of Pangaea Division TBA
Deputy Leader of Pangaea Division TBA
Founded July 2015; 2 years and 8 months ago
Parent Sandridge Holdings (50%)
Lorem Ipsum Corporation (50%)

Game Land is a company that operate the place of Game Land: Sandbox and Game Land: Gardellia (at Flungderhaven Island). It was founded by hinwapoon and UKGUK, as well people who join with those two person to build Game Land and some server staff also support the building of Game Land. Game Land grow and grow, now to the system with two-heads (President and Prime Minister), and with different branches.

Applications for Staff

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No. Location Chief Officer
 HQ:EX  New WolvHaven President of Game Land: Executive Division hinwapoon
 HQ:SB  Sandbox President of Game Land: Sandbox Division Grass_Jelly
 HQ:GD  Flungderhaven President of Game Land: Gardellia Division _AngelKevin_
 1st  Sandridge hinwapoon
 2nd  Jingol Cupochan_
 3rd  Cranbrook Baymax1020

List of Governments of Sandbox Division

No. Name (President) Name (1st Vice President) Name (2nd Vice President) Name (Prime Minister) Name (1st Deputy Prime Minister) Name (2nd Deputy Prime Minister) Term of Office
 1  hinwapoon UKGUK Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant XX/07/2015-29/2/2016
 2  chan34kelvin chickenjoshbwak Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant 01/03/2016-30/06/2016
 3  chickenjoshbwak ezzocraft Vacant hinwapoon VincentLUMCFan Vacant 01/07/2016-17/08/2016
 3  Cont. ezzocraft MC_Dunc Vacant hinwapoon VincentLUMCFan Vacant 18/08/2016-31/12/2016
 4  _ezzo VincentLUMCFan Vacant hinwapoon Ardyle Vacant 01/01/2017-24/02/2017
 4  Cont. Ninjabob1797 MC_Dunc Vacant chickenjoshbwak _AngelKevin_ Vacant 25/02/2017-11/03/2017
 4  Cont. Ninjasaac chan34kelvin Vacant chickenjoshbwak _AngelKevin_ Vacant 12/03/2017-18/03/2017
 4  Cont. chan34kelvin Ziggy85 Vacant chickenjoshbwak _AngelKevin_ Vacant 19/03/2017-30/06/2017
 5  Temp. hinwapoon GukkyGukz Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant 01/07/2017-24/07/2017
 5  hinwapoon GukkyGukz chan34kelvin Ninjabob1797 _AngelKevin_ MC_Dunc 25/07/2017-31/12/2017
 6  Ninjabob1797 hinwapoon chickenjoshbwak _AngelKevin_ MC_Dunc _ezzo 01/01/2018-30/06/2018