Gardellia Bank Company

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Gardellia Bank Company
Bank Company
Owner: Itself
CEO: awesomeguy1003
Branches: Allistir, Dalesburg
Defunct: February 2017 (Owner Banned)

Gardellia Bank Company is a bank company in Gardellia that operates branches in Gospley and is operated by awesomeguy1003.

Logo of GBC

Here is the current logo of the Gardellia Bank Company. Gbclogo.png

Branch Information

Bold italic means open and operating branches, and plain italic means planned or closed branches.


This branch is now out of service due to eviction.


No picture available.

There have been talks of a bank branch opening in Allistir. GBC and Allistir officials have confirmed this, but a location in Allistir have not been chosen.


No picture available.

There have also been talks of a bank branch opening in Dalesburg, aswell, however Dalesburg officials have no comment or are making a comment, but GBC officials have confirmed this. A location has been chosen in Dalesburg, and it is confirmed two ATMs will be available at that bank branch.

Other Information

Here are some other information.

Co-CEO or Chief Financial Officer: Ziggy85

Established: 2016

Reward Programme: GardelliaPLUS Bronze, GardelliaPLUS Iron, GardelliaPLUS Gold, GardelliaPLUS Emerald, GardelliaPLUS Emperor