Gardellia Mainlines Circular Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - Circular Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineCC.jpeg
A Circular Line rail viaduct
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini Fulton Isle
Stations 26 (Operational)
1 (Planned)
Services 1
Opened 1st Qtr 2017; 3 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character Overground (Caerdyfrdwy - CCS7)
Depot(s) N/A
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed 200km/h (124.2 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Green Line, the Gardellia Mainlines Circular Line is one of the seven Gardellia Mainlines in service.

Spanning 27 stations in total, including a planned station between GS1 and GN1, the Circular Line is one of the longer mainlines in Gardellia.

Inaugurated in the 1st quarter of 2017, the line opened as the fourth Gardellian mainline, after the North-East (formerly Red), North-West (formerly Blue), and Central Peninsula (formerly Yellow) lines.

The line is coloured in green on the mainline map.


The Circular Line is coloured dark green in the Gardellia Mainline system map.

As the name implies, the Gardellia Mainline Circular Line runs in a half-circular direction, spanning from Caerdyfrdwy, bypassing cities like Konstanz and Nelsonburg, while also going through major interchanges like Clexio Bay and Les Vincennes Bay. The line eventually heads south and passes through cities like Admiral and Furthrat, before ending up in its southern terminus at CCS7. At max speed, going from one terminus to the other takes roughly 35 minutes.


First phase of development

Originally supposed to make its debut alongside with the North-West, North-East, and Central Peninsular Lines, the Circular Line fell short of industrial standards and was plagued with many issues regarding the line's viaducts, particularly when it came to diagonal track sections. The issues were so severe to the point where delaying the official opening of New Gardellia was heavily considered. Eventually, all issues were overcame and the line opened for service from Konstanz to Furthrat on 26th December 2016, on the official opening of Gardellia.

Second phase of development

As empty stations lessened and the need for new settlements got bigger, it was decided on December 2017 to extend the Circular Line further west.

The second phase stretches from Konstanz to Caerdyfrdwy.

Third phase of development

As a part of the Southern Gardellia Expansion Project (SGEP), the Circular Line was planned to extend further south beyond Furthrat, passing through settlements (which are now currently defunct), such as Magdalenenburg and New Winchester. The extension would bring about seven brand new stations, ready for claiming, bringing new life and access to Southern Gardellia. The southern extension, spanning from CC-S1 to CC-S7, was opened and introduced to the public on the 25th of December, 2019.

Future development works

The line is scheduled to be extended soon as part of the Southern Gardellia Expansion Project, with plans being brought up, and the public inquiry, regarding the best possible route for the line. The line is expected to head westbound, joining up with the southern terminus of the Island Line, altering the current shape of the line from an arc, to a circle. On February 22, 2020, RKZ_Mclaren2169 of Nueva Puertollano announced that a new yard is being built. It can accommodate 7 trains, with 2 modified for double configurations, and 2 that are extended to the shops. The yard house will have a control room, that dictates signaling, speed limits, and points along CC-S7 all the way to Les Vincennes Bay. It is currently in the works in the Lab world, with the tracks leading to the mainline fitted after the yard has been pasted. The estimated time until it is completed is somewhere about September of 2020 until January of 2021.

CC stations opening timeline
Date Event
26 December 2016 Konstanz - Furthrat
12 December 2017 Caerdyfrdwy - Konstanz
25 December 2019 Furthrat - CCS7
Mid to late 2020 Caerdyfrdwy - CCS7


Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 CC-N1  IS-N7  Caerdyfrdwy minebuilder1223 Interchange station with Island line
 CC-N2  Shibe Island HariLyonbabba
 CC-N3  Potus hinwapoon
 CC-N4  Konstanz mopsistudios This station is claimable. Please contact mopsistudios.
 CC-N5  Forbach mopsistudios
 CC-N6  Nelsonburg sambrose, Heiopeii
 CC-N7  NW-N9  Sint Maartenstad HurricanePanda08 Interchange station with North-West line
 CC-N8  Unclaimed
 CC-N9  CP-N7  Minehall Vixitron Interchange station with Central Peninsular line
 CC-N10  San Rafael Frosty_Creeper10
 CC-N11  NC-N14 
Clexio Bay Soso123 Interchange station with Northern Connector line and Northeastern Bypass
 CC-N12  Infill Station (2021)
 CC-N13  Parramatta Bay MC_Dunc
 CC-N14  Unclaimed
 CC-N15  Unclaimed
 CC-N16  Rotherhithe autobus22
 CC-N17  Ipswich Garden City _sSamuel (spamuel)
 CC-N18  NE-N8  Les Vincennes Bay VincentLUMCFan Interchange station with North-East line
 CC-N19  Marriot ohuehue (_AngelKevin_)
 CC-N20  Verandah ohuehue & jotch
 CC-N21  BA-N1  Furthrat Common jotch (chickenjoshbwak) Interchange station with Bay Area line (in 2021)
 CC-S1  Canderford CrazySharkGaming
 CC-S2  Unclaimed
 CC-S3  Eastbourne _lykan
 CC-S4  Unclaimed
 CC-S5  Unclaimed
 CC-S6  New Puertollano RKZ_Mclaren2169 (Mclaren2119)
 CC-S7  Unclaimable


Rolling Stock

The Circular Line makes use of the SW05-EMU, a modified and modernised version of the SM05, one of the rolling stocks used during the first days of the WolvHaven Metro.

Developed in early 2016, the SW05-EMU is a high-speed steel-wheel electric multiple unit trainset that is thenfirst of its kind, reaching up to 250km/h at top speeds.

They were delivered to Gardellia on 15 November 2016, and put in service on 26 December 2016.

Semi Automatic Operation (SAO)

The Circular line utilises a unique method of managing the amount of trains on the line at one point of time. Instead of trains spawning and despawning at a depot somewhere along the line, the Circular line, along with all the other Gardellia Mainlines, makes use of Semi Automatic Operation.

In this operative system, trains do not require a driver to be driven, meaning each mainline has constantly accessible trains. Secondly, trains can spawn and despawn at every station, making wait times infinitesimally small, while also limiting the amount of trains on the line at one time, leading to lower ping, and faster connections.


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