Gardellia Football Association

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The GFA [Gardellia Football Association] Is An Independent Football Organisation Ran By The ACCL.


Inspired By The Gardellia Hockey League, On 29/10/17, The Official Discord Server Was Made, Marking The Start Of The GFA.

Registerd Teams

GFA Premier League 2018

  • Cackelsburg United FC
  • Castelnau FC
  • Gettysburg Cannons
  • Legia Kralyn
  • Hineno Railtards
  • Palm Ridge Innovation
  • Zencanther Sickles


Gardellian 1st Football League

8 Teams Participate In This League Where Each Team Plays Each Other Home & Away To Play 14 Games. After 14 Games The top 4 play in a playoff to decide the winners.

2018 Season