Gardellia Hockey League

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The Gardellia Hockey League is an independant ice hockey league operating within the world of Gardellia. The league consists of eight teams throughout eight cities who all strive to win the glorious and magnificent GHL Cup.


The GHL was founded in early 2017 after the commissioner, Ziggy85, decided he wanted to share his love of hockey within the world of Wolv Haven. The free-building city world known as Gardellia provided a platform perfect for that. With the help of DNP_10 the league was born.

Teams and Divisions

The GHL consists of eight teams.

In the Western Division lies Flußtadt, Kralyn, Nelsonburg, and Palm Ridge. In the Eastern Division lies Castelnau, Dalesburg, Hineno, and New Hudson. At the end of the 14 game-per-team schedule the two teams with the best record from each division go on to the GHL Cup Playoffs, which works as a bracket style best-out-of-three elimination to crown the winner.