Gardellia Main Station

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Gardellia Main Station is the station located at the main spawn in Gardellia. It serves as a transport hub and main terminal for many of the Gardellia Mainlines that serve the cities and towns of Gardellia, and is the first building new builders see when they join Gardellia, directly in front of the spawn construct.
The station consists of 3 levels, the top and bottom floors serve as platforms while the middle floor is at Street Level and leads outside the station.


Lower Level

Line Termini Alignment Number of Stations
Island line Eastern: Central City

Western: Caerdyfrdwy

East-West 9

Upper Level

Line Termini Alignment Number of Stations
North-West Southern: Dorval

Northern: Cranbrook

North-South 32
Central Peninsular Southern: Averleigh

Northern: CP-N15 (Unclaimed)

North-South 18
Northern Connector Northeast: Sandridge

Southwest: Central City

Northeast-Southwest 25
North-East Southern: Haldenstein

Northern: Edgetown

North-South 26