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The Gardellia Mainline is a commuter rail system serving Gardellia, spanning several lines that serve multiple corridors of the continent. Currently, the system consists of seven train lines that bring commuters between most City-States of Gardellia. The Mainline officially opened on 26 December 2016, with the Red (now North-East), Blue (now North-West), Yellow (now Central Peninsular), and Green (now Circular) lines. Originally comprised of only 45 stations, the system has now expanded to almost triple the size. The Mainline runs at a 100% efficiency rate with zero delays due to a state of the art Semi-Automatic Operation system.

Overseen by the Department of Transportation, just like its sister system in WolvHaven, the Gardellia Mainline, however, is not operated by third party companies, and is instead maintained and operated by the Gardellian Government.

Gardellia Mainlines
Owner TransHaven
Locale GardelliaFlag.png Gardellia
Transit type Commuter rail
Number of lines: 7
Number of stations -
650 (2017)
Began operation 26 December, 2016; 3 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven ( Department of Transportation )
System length 13.1km (8.14mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in); standard gauge
MainlineLogo.jpegMainlineNW.jpegMainlineCP.jpegMainlineNE.jpegMainlineCC.jpeg MainlineNC.jpegMainlineIS.jpegMainlineNB.jpeg
System Map




The following table lists the Gardellia Mainlines that are currently operational :

Name and color Commencement Next extension Terminus Stations Length Operator Control Center
Gardellia Mainlines
MainlineNW.jpeg North-West Line 26th December 2016 - Dorval
Cranbrook Central
33 [ref 1] - TransHaven Department of Transportation Building
MainlineCP.jpeg Central Peninsular Line Averleigh
17 -
MainlineNE.jpeg North-East Line Haldenstein
27 -
MainlineCC.jpeg Circular Line Caerdyfrdwy
26 -
MainlineNC.jpeg Northern Connector Line 24th May 2019 Gardellia Main Station
25 -
MainlineIS.jpeg Island Line 2019 Gardellia Main Station
9 -
MainlineNB.jpeg Northeastern Bypass December 2019 Clexio Bay
Sandridge Central
One-North Line 26 July 2020 Harton-on-the-Hill
MainlineIS.jpeg East Island Line 3 November 2020 Marriot Hauptbahnhof
3 -
Mainline Total: -[note 1] -
Intercity Lines
IntercityIC1.jpeg Intercity 1 11th February 2018 - New Brighton
Fukuya Downtown
9 [ref 2] - - -
IntercityIC2.jpeg Intercity 2 - - NWGA Council
2 [ref 3] -
IntercityIC3.jpeg Intercity 3 - - NWGA Council
Clexio Bay
6 [ref 4] -
IntercityIC4.jpeg Intercity 4 8 September 2019 - Sommerton
2 [ref 5] -

System map


North-West Line

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Central Peninsular Line

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North-East Line

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Circular Line

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Northern Connector Line

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Island Line

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Northeastern Bypass

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One-North Line

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Complementary Systems


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  1. Excluding duplicating interchange stations.