Gardellia Mainlines Blue Line

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The Gardellia Mainlines Blue Line is a one of the four Gardellia Mainline, is running north-west from Gardellia Main Station. It has 19 stations in total, and a planned station between BN4 and BN6.


The Blue Line runs from Flungderhaven in south to the northwest via Kralyn City as a major interchange station between Blue Line and Green Line. The Blue Line also serves the Central Station, which is an interchange station between the Red, Blue and Yellow lines.

Blue Line Extension

The Blue Line Extension opened on 7th January 2018 and 7 Additional stations north have been added (BN11-17). Due to the low amount of stations, priority was given to those who had no Gardellia claim yet.

List of stations

Station Code(s) Station Name Station Claimant
 BS1  RS1  YS1  FlungderHaven Ninjabob1797
 CC  CC  CC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia
 BN1  RN1  YN1  Castelnau Le Lez Matthieu_Dinh
 BN2  YN2  Gospley Minebuilder1223
 BN3  Palm Ridge Ziggy85
 BN4  Cactusland bustertiko
 BN5  Planned Station NA
 BN6  Space Town SpaceInvader11
 BN7  Bonaventure hnt
 BN8  Jingol Chan34Kelvin
 BN9  GN5  Kralyn City Central Endermat96
 BN10  Kralyn City North Endermat96
 BN11  Bidding N/A
 BN12  Unnamed HurricanePanda08
 BN13  Clarenbury Bitcoyne
 BN14  Unnamed Atsushi01
 BN15  Unnamed Bitcoyne
 BN16  Sereneville CreeperGuy6
 BN17  Cranbrook Baymax1020