Gardellia Mainlines Brown Line

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The Gardellia Mainlines Brown Line is one of the five Gardellia Mainlines, which runs north from Clexio Bay. It is also known as the Branch Corridor. It has 11 stations in total.


The Brown Line runs from Clexio Bay in the north to Sandridge as a major interchange station between the Red lines.

List of stations

Station Code(s) Station Name Station Claimant
 GE  GN1  Clexio Bay SoSo123
 GE1  TomiVille Tomi_Crosoft
 GE2  Unnamed Unclaimed
 GE3  Riverside MallardTrainMan
 GE4  Djävulstad BlueEon
 GE5  Unnamed Unclaimed
 GE6  Unnamed Unclaimed
 GE7  Unnamed Unclaimed
 GE8  Unnamed Unclaimed
 GE9  Nauvis Minecrafter_11
 GE10  RN13  Sandridge hinwapoon

Future plans

The line is planned to be extended to the east and south from Sandridge.