Gardellia Mainlines Central Peninsular Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - Central Peninsular Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineCP.jpeg
Gardellia Central Station at morning
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini Averleigh
Stations 18
Services 1
Opened 26 December 2016; 3 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character -
Depot(s) N/A
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed 200km/h (124.2 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Yellow Line, the Gardellia Mainlines Central Peninsular Line is one of the seven Gardellian Mainlines in service.

The line opened on the 26th of December, 2016, along with the North-East (formerly Red), and North-West (formerly Blue) lines.

Spanning a broad 18 stations, the Central Peninsular Line connects Averleigh in the south, to CC-N15 in the north.

The line is coloured in yellow on the mainline map.


The Yellow Line runs from Gardellia Main Station, unlike Red and Blue Lines, which start in Flungderhaven. It goes to Waterloo in the Northwest as a major interchange station between Blue Line and Green Line.

List of stations

Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 CP-S2  NW-S2  NE-S2  Averleigh _Noodur Interchange station with North-West and North-East lines
 CP-S1  NW-S1  NE-S1  Game Island SilverWolv
 GC  Central City Gardellia Interchange station with North-West, North-East, Northern Connector and Island lines
 CP-N1  NW-N1  NE-N1 
 NC-N1  IS-N1 
Castelnau Le Lez SilverWolv
 CP-N2  NW-N2 
 NC-N2  IS-N2 
Gospley Minebuilder1223 Interchange station with North-West, Northern Connector and Island lines
 CP-N3  New Hudson Tony515
 CP-N4  Hineno agaho
 CP-N5  NC-N9  Cacklesburg bokbokobama Interchange station with Northern Connector line
 CP-N6  SoCaToa ByteMega
 CP-N7  CC-N9  Minehall Vixitron Interchange station with Circular line
 CP-N8  Fukuya OscarTheOscar_
 CP-N9  Bad Fischdorf derwurzelkater (Pixelixel)
 CP-N10  St. Michael Chrysler1930_
 CP-N11  Stockholm Sverige_
 CP-N12  Lambovsk-40 THE_CUBE_
 CP-N13  ON-W13  Harton-On-The-Hill Perfecttrains Interchange station with one-north line
 CP-N14  Infill station (2021)
 CP-N15  Unclaimed