Gardellia Mainlines Green Line

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The Gardellia Mainlines Green Line is a one of the four Gardellia Mainline, is runs East-West, and is the only line in Gardellia Mainline that East-West bound, also is the only that don't go to Gardellia Main Station. It has 17 stations in total, and a planned station between GS1 and GN1


The Green Line runs from Carnelian in the west to the east via Kralyn City, Waterloo and Le Vincennes Bay as major interchanges to the Blue, Yellow and Red lines, and ending at Furthrat, before continuing into Southern Gardellia.

List of stations

Station Code(s) Station Name Station Claimant
 GN8  Bonifacio _Noodur
 GN7  Konstanz mopsistudios
 GN6  Nelsonburg sambrose
 GN5  BN9  Kralyn City Central Endermat96
 GN4  <unnamed> Schokoletti
 GN3  YN7  Bayspoi frogggggg
 GN2  Unnamed Frosty_Creeper10
 GN1  GE  Clexio Bay Soso123
 GC  Planned Station NA
 GS1  Parramatta Bay MC_Dunc
 GS2  Monastiraki City MclarenMaster
 GS3  John's Valley DMGamer300
 GS4  Rotherhithe autobus22
 GS5  Ipswich _sSamuel
 GS6  RN8  Les Vincennes Bay VincentLUMCFan
 GS7  District 9 _AngelKevin_
 GS8  Unnamed At0m1c3l
 GS9  Furthrat chickenjoshbwak