Gardellia Mainlines Island Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - Island Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineIS.jpeg
Ember Coast IS Line.png
Tracks near Ember Coast at dawn
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini Caerdyfrdwy
Gardellia Central Station
Stations -
Services 1
Opened August 2017; 2 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character Mostly Underground
Depot(s) N/A
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC
Operating speed 215km/h (134 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Orange Line, the Gardellia Mainlines Island Line is one of the seven Gardellia Mainlines in service.

Running in a general East-West direction, the Island Line connects Gardellia Main City to Caerdyfrdwy, and will eventually extend further south to the future Gardella-Westlandia Airport.

The line is coloured in orange on the mainline map.


Gardellia Central Station, one of the Island Line's termini

Starting from Gardellia Central station as the southern termini, the Island line platforms are at a lower level of the station. It continues in tunnel to Castelnau Le Lez, heads west, and surfaces just before Gospley. The line is in a cutting and goes in tunnel again to Palm Ridge. Beyond Palm Ridge, it emerges in the southwest and arrives elevated at Ember Coast. As the line heads west to the islands, it dives into a tunnel, passing through Lion Island and Wadiya. The tunnels then turn right (north) to arrive at Caerdyfrdwy in a cutting. The platforms there are adjacent to the Circular Line.


When New Gardellia opened in December 2016, several players decided to settle into a few islands west of Central City. These islands, however, were not connected by any means of transport. When more towns such as Ember Coast moved in along the alignment, the government began to propose a direct line to serve these populated towns. Cloudcastle was given the contract to complete the line in phases. The first phase between IS-N8 Caerdyfrdwy Canolig and IS-N4 Ember Coast started works in April 2017. Phase 2, between Ember Coast and IS-N2 Gospley, was constructed in June 2017; phase 3 was the stretch to City Hall and was completed in August 2017. The entire line opened inline with the completion of Phase 3.


Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 GC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia Interchange station with North-West, Central Peninsular, Northern Connector and North-East lines
 IS-N1  NW-N1  NE-N1 
 CP-N1  NC-N1 
Castelnau Le Lez SilverWolv
 IS-N2  NW-N2  CP-N2 
Gospley Minebuilder1223 Interchange station with North-West, Central Peninsular, and Northern Connector lines
 IS-N3  NW-N3  NC-N3  Palm Ridge _LaundryLater_ (Tony515) Interchange station with North-West, and Northern Connector lines
 IS-N4  Ember Coast Starcubed
 IS-N5  Lion Island _ezzo
 IS-N6  Wadiya TheLamborghini
 IS-N7  Provisional Station
 IS-N8  CC-N1  Caerdyfrdwy minebuilder1223 Interchange station with Circular line