Gardellia Mainlines North East Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - North-East Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineNE.jpeg
LVBay NE Line.png
The Les Vincennes Bay Bridge, looking northeast
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini -
Stations -
Services 1
Opened 26 December 2016; 3 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character -
Depot(s) Sandridge Depot
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed 200km/h (124.2 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Red Line, the Gardellia Mainlines North-East Line is one of the seven Gardellia Mainlines in service.

The line opened on the 26th of December, 2016, along with the North-West (formerly Blue), and Central Peninsular (formerly Yellow) lines.

The line is coloured in red on the mainline map.


The North-East Line runs from Haldenstein in the south to Edgetown in northeastern Gardellia via Les Vincennes Bay as a major interchange station to the Circular Line. It also serves the Central Station, which is a major interchange station. The line runs from sandy islands into the mainland and turns eastwards, through the ocean into the mountain range between NE-N5 and NE-N7 Pellegroine. After that, the line descends into a plains valley at Les Vincennes Bay and then into a spruce forest. After the forest, the line enters plains again at Commonwealth and turns left to head north. The plains scenery is beautiful beyond Commonwealth and enters a dark oak forest just before Shadmark, which is plains with a small forest. Beyond Shadmark, it leaves the roofed forest into long and broad plains, all the way to Edgetown.


Original plans for the new Gardellia World would have the government construct the North-West (then blue) and Central Peninsula (then yellow) lines, while the North-East (then red) and Circular (then green) lines would be under the contract bid by Eco. As the contract ran into problems on the Circular Line, and commitment issues due to real life, the Red Line contract was annulled in late 2016. The government would instead be in charge of its completion. Line construction was sped up by leaps and bounds, and was completed just in time for the December 2016 opening. The first section opened on 26 December 2016, from NE-N15 Shadmark to NE-S1 Game Island (then Flungderhaven), just after the new world was opened. It had 17 stations.

On 18 February 2019, the line was extended to NE-N20 Edgetown from Shadmark in the north. This added 5 new stations on the line. Plans for a southern extension from NE-S1 Flungderhaven (now Game Island) to Averleigh existed since mid 2018. Contracts were given to Anderson Group, APIA Inc., and Bok Solutions to complete the southern extension and track upgrade works up to NE-S5. The remaining portion would be connected to North Haldenstein (Frenneccia) at NE-S6, done by JuliusMS. Most of the works were completed by September 2018, but was delayed due to technical issues. The North Haldenstein extension finally opened on 16 April 2019, which increased the number of stations by 4. In June 2019, signalling upgrades were done on the Game Island to Dalesburg section which improved the destination switchers. The line reopened on 11 June 2019. On 29 February 2020, the line was extended one stop south to NE-S7 Haldenstein Central. On 5 May 2020, the diagonal infill station, NE-S4 was opened.

On the 30th of May 2019, the government proposed renames of lines to standardise mainline codes. The Red Line was renamed to its present name, North-East Line two months later, on 7 July 2019.


Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 NE-S7  Haldenstein Central
 NE-S6  Haldenstein Frenneccia
 NE-S5  Unclaimed
 NE-S4  Infinity Harbour nixholas
 NE-S3  Yakosai rockingriley503
 NE-S2  NW-S2  CP-S2  Averleigh _Noodur Interchange station with North-West and Central Peninsular lines
 NE-S1  NW-S1  CP-S1  Game Island SilverWolv
 GC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia Interchange station with North-West, Central Peninsular, Northern Connector and Island lines
 NE-N1  NW-N1  CP-N1 
 NC-N1  IS-N1 
Castelnau Le Lez SilverWolv
 NE-N2  Dalesburg DNP_10
 NE-N3  East Berlin YiJanMei (wilson)
 NE-N4  Infill station (2021)
 NE-N5  Unclaimed
 NE-N6  Odaki GukkyGukz
 NE-N7  Pellegroine VincentLUMCFan
 NE-N8  CC-N18  Les Vincennes Bay VincentLUMCFan Interchange station with Circular line
 NE-N9  Unclaimable
 NE-N10  IS-SXX 
Commonwealth SilverWolv Interchange station with Island, Expo and Eastern line (in 2021)
Gardellia Community Town
 NE-N11  Unclaimed
 NE-N12  Unclaimed
 NE-N13  NC-N24 
Sandridge Central hinwapoon Interchange station with Northern Connector and Northeastern Bypass lines
 NE-N14  Kita Shi KC_0072015
 NE-N15  Shadmark quarxilon
 NE-N16  Meteor City imperial_block
 NE-N17  ON-W1  Ikenhield Uselessrobot Interchange station with one-north line
 NE-N18  City Fangos n00bTREXtw (7F_Rex__Huang)
 NE-N19  Inkopolis B0wlingforS0up (PlankTheInkDevil)
 NE-N20  Edgetown DevinBrantley


Rolling Stock

The North-East Line makes use of the SW05-EMU, a modified and modernised version of the SM05, one of the rolling stocks used during the first days of the WolvHaven Metro.

Developed in early 2016, the SW05-EMU is a high-speed steel-wheel electric multiple unit trainset that is thenfirst of its kind, reaching up to 250km/h at top speeds.

They were delivered to Gardellia on 15 November 2016, and put in service on 26 December 2016.

Semi Automatic Operation (SAO)

The North-East line utilises a unique method of managing the amount of trains on the line at one point of time. Instead of trains spawning and despawning at a depot somewhere along the line, the North-East line, along with all the other Gardellia Mainlines, makes use of Semi Automatic Operation.

In this operative system, trains do not require a driver to be driven, meaning each mainline has constantly accessible trains. Secondly, trains can spawn and despawn at every station, making wait times infinitesimally small, while also limiting the amount of trains on the line at one time, leading to lower ping, and faster connections.


One of the greatest achievements for building the Red Line is the "Diamond Bridge" connecting the Spawn Island and eastern Gardellia. The structure consists of seven diamonds, inspired by the bridge in Sydney, Australia. However, this bridge is a major milestone in the completion of this line as it has two more "diamonds" than the one in Sydney. Besides the "Diamond Bridge", the line also has the most bridges. Some of them include between Pellegroine and Les Vincennes Bay and between Gettysburg and Shadmark.

As there is a vast difference in ground level between Les Vincennes Bay and Gardellia Community Town, the line is in tunnel from east of RN9 to just east of Gardellia Community Town.

Future plans

The line is planned to be extended to the south from [RS6] Haldenstein.