Gardellia Mainlines North West Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - North-West Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineNW.jpeg
A photo of the North-West Line southwestern extension, taken by MineShafter61
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini Cranbrook, Dorval
Stations 33
Services 1
Opened 26 December 2016; 3 years ago
Last extension 28 September 2019; 8 months ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character Fully Elevated
Depot(s) Dorval, Harton-on-the-Hill, Sint Maartenstad, Cranbrook
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed 140km/h (87 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Blue Line, the Gardellia Mainlines North-West Line is one of the seven Gardellia Mainlines in service.

The line opened on the 26th of December, 2016, along with the North-East (formerly Red), and Central Peninsular (formerly Yellow) lines.

Originally spanning 19 stations, the line has almost doubled in length. Comprising of 33 stations, inclusive of a shell station, the North-West Line is one of the longest Mainlines.

The line is coloured in light blue on the mainline map.


The North-West Line runs from NW-S15 Dorval in the south to NW-N17 Cranbrook in the northwest via NW-N9 Sint Maartenstad (formerly Kralyn) as an interchange station to the Circular Line. It also serves the Central Station, which is a major interchange station. From Dorval, it traverses through the snowy plains with small hills and heads east. The line turns north just before NW-S2 Averleigh into plains. It then shares tracks with the Central Peninsula line to NW-N2 Gospley. The North-East line also shares its tracks with the line between Averleigh and NW-N1 Castelnau Le Lez via Central City. From Gospley, the line heads west to NW-N3 Palm Ridge and turns north into NW-N4 New Oak, a desert. The North-West Line then enters the mountain ranges, which ends in swampy NW-N8 Jinol. The line continues into plains fields up to Cranbrook via Sint Maartenstad.


In conjunction with the December 2016 opening of New Gardellia, several rail lines were constructed. The government was in charge of the construction of the North-West Line, led by then head architect GukkyGukz. By November 2016, the line was mostly completed from Central City to NW-N6. The remaining sections were completed, and the first section between NW-N10 North Kralyn (now Sint Maartenstad - Medem) and Central City opened on 26 December 2016. New Gardellia gained popularity after several months, which increased demand for more stations to be built. When the world border was expanded, an extension was planned. The Blue Line Cranbrook Extension was completed and opened on 7 January 2018, with 7 additional stations. Due to the low amount of stations available, priority was given to players who had no Gardellia claims yet.

In 2019, the government initiated a Gardellia South Expansion Project, which included another extension to the southwest. The first phase of the extension was to NW-S7, which was completed in April 2019 but not open to the public. Another extension to NW-S15 was contracted out several months later in September 2019. Entetsu WH and VRT acquired the contract for WHD 40,000. It was completed in a month, and the extension opened on 28 September 2019, increasing the total number of stations by 13.

List of stations

Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 NW-S15  Dorval MatthieuTofu
 NW-S14  Windsbury Delected_
 NW-S13  Nansei pitthree
 NW-S12  CC-SXX  Vilyamgrad Wilhelm57 Interchange station with Circular line (in 2020)
 NW-S11  Foxtown FedFox
 NW-S10  Unclaimed
 NW-S9  Testa Civitas Kovacs_
 NW-S8  Aerius traxikaofficial
 NW-S7  Bruhtown Plixonz Future interchange station (in 2021)
 NW-S6  Frosty River mi_aquamarine
 NW-S5  Proville superminecraftL
 NW-S4  Unclaimed
 NW-S3  Averleigh Vroomba
 NW-S2  NE-S2  CP-S2  Averleigh Vroomba Interchange station with North-East and Central Peninsular lines
 NW-S1  NE-S1  CP-S1  Game Island SilverWolv
 GC  Central City Gardellia Interchange station with North-East, Central Peninsular, Northern Connector and Island lines
 NW-N1  NE-N1  CP-N1 
 NC-N1  IS-N1 
Castelnau Le Lez SilverWolv
 NW-N2  CP-N2 
 NC-N2  IS-N2 
Gospley Minebuilder1223 Interchange station with Central Peninsular, Northern Connector and Island lines
 NW-N3  NC-N3  IS-N3  Palm Ridge Tony515 Interchange station with Northern Connector and Island lines
 NW-N4  NC-N4  New Oak wong2750 Interchange station with Northern Connector line
 NW-N5  Shelved station (Use NC-N5)
 NW-N6  Unclaimed
 NW-N7  L’arret de Montagne VincentLUMCFan & Heiopeii
 NW-N8  Jinol Cupochan_
 NW-N9  CC-N7  Sint Maartenstad CaptainSlow_ Interchange station with Circular line
 NW-N10  Sint Maartenstad - Medem CaptainSlow_ & MachineMatster
 NW-N11  Onerariis dhow24
 NW-N12  Schitt’s Creek CaptainSlow_
 NW-N13  Unclaimed
 NW-N14  Unclaimed
 NW-N15  Cranbrook - Timeston Bitcoyne
 NW-N16  Cranbrook - Sereneville Baymax1020
 NW-N17  UX-WXX  Cranbrook Central Baymax1020 Interchange station with Upper East-West line (in 2021)