Gardellia Mainlines Northern Connector Line

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Gardellia Mainlines - Northern Connector Line
MainlineLogo.jpeg MainlineNC.jpeg
A photo of a Northern Connector Line rail corridor, taken by MineShafter61
Type Commuter Rail
System Gardellia Mainline
Status Operational
Termini Gardellia Main Station
Sandridge Centaral
Stations 25
Services 1
Opened 13 July 2019 (Gardellia Central to Clexio Bay)
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character -
Depot(s) Sandridge Depot
Rolling stock -
Line Length -
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed 140km/h (87 mph)
Route Map

Formerly known as the Gardellia Mainlines Pink Line, the Gardellia Mainlines Northern Connector Line is one of the seven Gardellia Mainlines, which runs north from Central City to Sandridge Central. It is also known as the Brown Line, a it has yet to be fully rebranded as the Pink Line. It has 25 stations in total.


The Northern Connector Line runs from Central Station along the Blue Line, until it splits off after New Oak and parallels the Yellow Line to the east. After passing through Cacklesburg, the Pink Line winds through the mountains to Clexio Bay. It then terminates at Sandridge Central as a major interchange station between North-East Line and Northeastern Bypass.

List of stations

Station Number Station Name Station Claimant Interchange/Notes
 GC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia Interchange station with North-West, North-East, Central Peninsular and Island lines
 NC-N1  NW-N1  NE-N1 
 CP-N1  IS-N1 
Castelnau Le Lez SilverWolv
 NC-N2  NW-N2  CP-N2 
Gospley Minebuilder1223 Interchange station with North-West, Central Peninsular and Island lines
 NC-N3  NW-N3  IS-N3  Palm Ridge Tony515 Interchange station with North-West and Island lines
 NC-N4  NW-N4  New Oak wong2750 Interchange station with North-West line
 NC-N5  Traxia wong2750
 NC-N6  Unclaimable Please message SilverWolv for details.
 NC-N7  Unclaimed
 NC-N8  Saint Blocky Mariolinocraft
 NC-N9  CP-N5  Cacklesburg bokbokobama Interchange station with Central Peninsular line
 NC-N10  Cacklesburg East bokbokobama
 NC-N11  Bevan City _Bevan
 NC-N12  Alces Lake MallardTrainMan
 NC-N13  Spreryr Hills epicpixel21
 NC-N14  CC-N11 
Clexio Bay Central SoSo123 Interchange station with Circular and Northeastern Bypass lines
 NC-N15  TomiVille This claim is up for adoption. Contact Gardellia Department if interested.
 NC-N16  Not My Current Town NotMyCurrentName
 NC-N17  Masyarakat SirPenguinMay
 NC-N18  Unclaimed
 NC-N19  Tichester Emo_Jee
 NC-N20  Unclaimed
 NC-N21  Enópolis EnotswolgEnder
 NC-N22  Stokkel Wazr
 NC-N23  Unclaimed
 NC-N24  NE-N13 
Sandridge Central hinwapoon Interchange station with North-East and Northeastern Bypass lines

Future plans

The line is planned to be extended to the east and south from Sandridge, and south from Central Station.