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The Gardellia Mainlines Red Line is one of the four Gardellia Mainlines, which runs north-east from Gardellia Main Station. It is also known as the Northeast corridor. It has 16 stations in total, and a planned station between RN3 and RN5.


The Red Line runs from Flungderhaven in the south to the northeast via Les Vincennes Bay as a major interchange station between the Green and Red lines. The Red line also serves the Central Station, which is an interchange station between the Red, Blue and Yellow lines. The line runs from sandy islands into the mainland and turns eastwards, through the ocean into the mountain range between RN5 and RN7. After that, the line descends into a plains valley at Les Vincennes Bay and then into a spruce forest. After the forest, the line enters plains again at Ichitoshi and turns left to head north. The plains scenery is beautiful beyond Ichitoshi and enters a dark oak forest just before Shadmark, which is plains with a small forest.

List of stations

Station Code(s) Station Name Station Claimant
 RS1  BS1  YS1  Flungderhaven Ninjabob1797
 CC  CC  CC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia
 RN1  BN1  YN1  Castelnau Le Lez Matthieu_Dinh
 RN2  Dalesburg DNP_10
 RN3  Rockham Aldranster50
 RN4  Planned Station NA
 RN5  Gray Captain_Cavy
 RN6  Odaki GukkyGukz
 RN7  Unclaimed Unclaimed
 RN8  GS6  Les Vincennes Bay VincentLUMCFan
 RN9  Unclaimed (Not Available) Unclaimed
 RN10  Gardellia Community Town Gardellia
 RN11  Carrington Mystiquely
 RN12  Cemburg CM_Craft_YT
 RN13  GE10  Sandridge hinwapoon
 RN14  Gettysburg basketballbob20
 RN15  Shadmark Rom5419


One of the greatest achievements for building the Red Line is the "Diamond Bridge" connecting the Spawn Island and eastern Gardellia. The structure consists of seven diamonds, inspired by the bridge in Sydney, Australia. However, this bridge is a major milestone in the completion of this line as it has two more "diamonds" than the one in Sydney. Besides the "Diamond Bridge", the line also has the most bridges. Some of them include between Pellegroine and Les Vincennes Bay and between Gettysburg and Shadmark.

As there is a vast difference in ground level between Les Vincennes Bay and Gardellia Community Town, the line is in tunnel from east of RN9 to just east of Gardellia Community Town.

Future plans

The line is planned to be extended to the west from Shadmark. However, since Gardellia world has been expanded, the extension might be to the north instead. The current alignment of the extension is retained as the alignment of Shadmark station is in an east-west alignment.