Gardellia Mainlines Yellow Line

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This Gardellia Yellow Line is one of the four lines in is running north-west, not too west, from Gardellia Main Station. It has 10 stations in total.


The Yellow Line runs from Gardellia Main Station, unlike Red and Blue Lines, which start in Flungderhaven. It goes to Waterloo in the Northwest as a major interchange station between Blue Line and Green Line.

List of stations

Station Code(s) Station Name Station Claimant
 YS1  BS1  RS1  FlungderHaven Ninjabob1797
 CC  CC  CC  Gardellia Main Station Gardellia
 YN1  BN1  RN1  Castelnau Le Lez Matthieu_Dinh
 YN2  BN2  Gospley minebuilder1223
 YN3  New Hudson Tony515
 YN4  Hineno iAgaho_
 YN5  Flußstadt CackleFresh
 YN6  New Butuan ByteMega
 YN7  GS9  Bayspoi frogggggg
 YN8  Fukuya OscarTheOscar_
 YN9  Bad Fischdorf Pixelixel