Gardellian Assembly

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Gardellian Assembly
Type Unicameral house of the Parliament of Gardellia
Speaker {{{To be confirmed}}}
Since 1 October 2017
Deputy Speaker {{{To be confirmed}}}
Since 1 October 2017
Chief Minister Hon. minebuilder1223, FWH
Since 5 May 2018
Seats Unknown
Meeting place
Gardellian Assembly chamber
The Hill
Gardellia, WolvHaven

The Gardellian Assembly is a unicameral Assembly in which representatives of various cities across Gardellia meet to discuss and settle plans and issues from around the region. Issues within town borders are not dealt with in the council since it would be infringing on people's rights to their creativity and freedoms.

Most issues that are dealt with in the council are infrastructure plans and inter-town disputes. All planned infrastructure that runs outside of town borders must be presented to the Assembly before construction can start so that objections and concerns to such projects can be dealt with in a more structured and representative way. If you are building infrastructure outside of town borders that haven't been approved by the Assembly, then it is deemed illegal and you will be requested to remove it. When dealing with inter-town disputes, they should mostly be dealt with at the start of the meetings during question time where questions can freely be asked between representatives and do not need to be tabled.


After the passing of Gardellia Federalisation & Council Establishment Bill, WolvHaven was turned into a federation and Gardellia was given statehood, hence the establishment of the Parliament of Gardellia. The Gardellian Assembly make its own laws and only enact in Gardellia.

Structure Of the House

Criteria for Town Representation

  • 1 person represents each town
  • Your town must contain 20 buildings* or more

*Building being defined as a structure that looks like effort has been put into it and that it has a function

Powers held by representatives

All representatives have the power to table and present motions to the Assembly, request to ask questions to other members and vote on issues raised in the Assembly.

Number of votes held by Representatives

The number of votes that a representative holds during voting depends on the size of their city, and is decided as follows- 20 buildings or more- 1 vote, 100 buildings or more- 2 votes, 150 buildings or more- 3 votes.

Code of Conduct

  • Representatives of the Gardellia assembly are Not permitted to comment on issues within other Representatives' towns or criticize other representatives' towns unjustifiably.
  • Do not fly, jump around, throw/shoot projectiles, use weapons and/or potions of any kind.
  • Do not backseat moderate – it is the speaker’s job to maintain order in the chamber.
  • Use /msg or /m to communicate with other people on the server.