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HGP (Honest & Green Party)
Party Overview
Founder autobus22
Founding Members autobus22 & Camelfantasy
Founding date 31/03/2017
Listed Members autobus22, Number_101, _sSamuel
Political wing Center-left (Green)
HQ Between Broadbeach & Westferry


The HGP, which stands for Honest and Green Party is a green, left-wing political party in WolvHaven. It is mainly headquartered in WolvHaven City. Since 31 March 2017 its leader is autobus22. The HGP is running in the April 2018 general elections. The party's advocacy is for an equal and honest system of law and mediation and the awareness and concern for the environment. We make sure to discuss subjects within the party collectively to create an accurate and fair stance on subjects based on collective discussion.


The party's ideology supports proportional representation. It also takes a progressive approach to social policies such as basic liberties, equal and fair rulings, and other types of reform. The party also believes strongly in the virtues of equality, fairness, and honesty.


April 2018


The HGP will promise to continue to represent Wolvhaven in a positive and active light as it has done in the past term without issues. We will continue to be transparent and honest, take a stand to make sure that the government stays representative, allow citizens to propose bills with value through the HGP and most important of all: stay critical. The HGP also gives special attention to public spaces such as shops and such, The economy reform that needs to come, Loopholes in regulations, 5th Haven regulations & guidelines and making sure a better Survival/Pangea environment is possible.

Think Critically,
Vote HGP!

Economic Reform

You can find the baselines of our 2018 Economy reform plan here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sxm-uHZosHVkOTl2OEjvOQXc2u1IrgU2DRHsNbLJcy8/edit?usp=sharing


Current members for April 2018 elections

  • autobus22 (Party Leader and founding member)
  • Number_101 (Party Secondary Advisor)
  • _sSamuel (Party Member)

Other members not listed for parliament seats in the current election

  • creasu (scroobgames)
  • Simplifiziert

Results of Elections

Election Number of votes Percentage of votes Number of seats Members elected
April 2017
July 2017
autobus22, Noodur, Ardyle
October 2017
autobus22, Number_101
April 2018
autobus22, Number_101, _sSamuel

A listing of all votes

Notice: This may not be 100% up to date. Bold text indicates a bill tabled by a party member

HGP's Votes

9th Parliament

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
2 June 2018 Foreign Relations Bill FWH 0 3 0 autobus22, Number_101, _sSamuel Bill left in loophole potentially harmful to server, Further neutral stance to bill.
30 June 2018 End World Addition Bill CEN + HGP 1 0 0 autobus22 Co-Authored bill, Purpose and Functionality is good. Passed 8-0
30 June 2018 Background Checks (Previous Offences) Bill FWH 0 0 1 autobus22 The HGP does not believe this bill holds benefit, but any of the potential downsides in time taken to review applications and trust in the DIU to be able to make fair judgement caused the opinion to switch from against, to neutral.
30 June 2018 Armour Stand Tools Plugin Implementation Bill DEM 1 0 0 autobus22 The HGP believes a different method of implementation could have been better, but the responsibility for this does not lay with the HGP, but with the proposer in this case.
30 June 2018 Foreign Relations (Amendment) bill HGP 1 0 0 autobus22 This bill fixes the loophole in the foreign relations bill in statutes. Passed 3-0 (+4 Abstain)
30 June 2018 Bus Zones & Pricing Bill HGP 1 0 0 autobus22 This bill solves the bus pricing debacle around the temporary pricing giving a fair result with as cheap as possible but not competing with metro- bus fares. Passed 5-0

8th Parliament

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
21 October 2017 Teleport Ask Access Review Bill Eltontay11 0 1 0 autobus22 It is not evident there is a need for the regulation provided in the bill.
21 October 2017 Tree Command Access Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 This bill grands people access to /tree in gardellia, which is a world edit command allowing the easier generation of certain trees. The absence of access to this command has caused irritation and we see no reason not have this command accessible. Passed (20-1)
21 October 2017 Gardellia Road Notification Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 One cannot know information one is never provided or there is no reason to assume there is information when not provided. Rejected (5-15), (Compromise for better information was made.)
04 November 2017 Train Operator and Examiner Reform Bill Endermat96 1 0 0 Number_101 We see no reason not to affirm this bill which adds clear guidelines to the training of drivers.
04 November 2017 Copyright Bill JuliusMS 0 1 0 Number_101 This bill contains segnificant issues around loopholes/legality/inactive players and Fair Use.
04 November 2017 Mentionable List Revision Bill Minebuilder1223 0 1 0 Number_101 Due to current occurances we at this point decided this is not the right time yet to repeal the mentionable list.
18 November 2017 Multiple Channels Bill VernCow 1 0 0 autobus22 Despite the bill being flawed, it's implementation being delayed to when it's needed means this bill will provide sufficient help whenever it is actually needed and can be implemented.
18 November 2017 Fifth HAven Advisory Parliamentary Committee Bill MC_Dunc 0 1 0 autobus22 Bill returned from the dead with modifications that literally remove all the reason for it's own existance. Therefor HGP voted for this bill to be rejected.
18 November 2017 Architect Hub Bill MC_Dunc 0 1 0 autobus22 It's idea is great but the issue it tackles just doesn't exist.
16 December 2017 Mentionable List Revision Bill Minebuilder1223 1 0 0 Number_101 The previous factors noted to not repeal the mentionable list for have been removed, including worries over punishments for advertising being too mild under these rules. The HGP fully supports this bill.
06 January 2018 Wolvhaven Statute Bill Wolvhaven Senate 1 0 0 autobus22 After a tiring discussion most aspects of this bill are good enough to be passed in the current form. There may or may not be follow-up bills to correct gaps in the current statute.
13 January 2018 Wiki Staffs Bill hinwapoon 0 2 0 autobus22, Number_101 We still do not support the wiki staffs bill which has been tabled previously for the same reasons.
13 January 2018 Metro Line 9 Amendment Bill XtremeCoder 0 1 1 autobus22, Number_101 Improper reasoning causes bill to be baseless. The idea isn't horrible in itself but it was still decided not to vote in favour of this bill.
13 January 2018 Parliament Time change Bill XtremeCoder 0 1 0 autobus22 Impossible to implement
13 January 2018 Wiki Prohibitation Bill Aldranster50 0 1 0 autobus22 Impossible to implement
27 January 2018 Replay Mod Legalisation Bill Mopsistudios 1 0 0 autobus22 We see no issue with allowing this mod to be used on the server.
10 February 2018 Government and Parliament Reform Bill Minebuilder1223 0 2 0 autobus22, Number_101 This bill would allow parliament to become segnificantly unrepresentative and gives way too much power in an unrepresentative fashion to the ruling party. Further it has several major loopholes that where refused to be fixed.
24 February 2018 Gardellia Abandoned Claims Bill Endermatster 0 1 0 Number_101 We support legislation for inactive claims but the issues and worries we have for this bill waren't fixed by the proposing member.
10 March 2018 Single Layer Interjection Suggestions Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Adds regulation which avoids the need for dozens of bills for the same purpose while also making ammending bills more representative to the wants of parliament rather then the wants of the proposer. Passed (10-4)

7th Parliament

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
08 July 2017 Marriage for all Bill JulisMS/Olovld 1 0 0 autobus22 I Support marriage equality
08 July 2017 Wiki staffs bill Hinwapoon 0 3 0 Noodle, autobus22, Ardyle There is no need at this point to put this into the hands of people inexperienced with moderating.
08 July 2017 Sherlock Homes Follow-Up Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 This bill simply defines the effects of the previously passed Sherlock Homes Bill. Passed (20-0)
08 July 2017 Screenshots & Videos Channel Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Screenshots and videos about WolvHaven have recently kind of spammed various channels, an own channel for clarity of placement would solve that. (Please note HGP no longer supports adding an excessive amount of discord channels!) (Rejected 15-3)
22 July 2017 Sherlock Homes Follow Up Bill (Amended) Senate 1 0 0 Noodle HGP Agrees with the amendments made to the bill.
22 July 2017 Wiki Cleanup Bill SilverWolv 1 0 0 Noodle HGP agrees with making sure wiki is not full of railtard spam.
02 September 2017 Discord Manual driver bill Talonplays 0 2 0 Noodle, autobus22 Poorly made bill with argumentation that has nothing to do with bill. No justifications for passing bill have been given.
02 September 2017 Pangea railways identification bill Aldranster50 2 0 0 Noodle, autobus22 Bill is partially dysfunctional but the basis warranted passing with requirement that it would be modified in Senate (Which was approved).
16 September 2017 Citizen Test Screenshot Regulation Bill autobus22 3 0 0 Noodle, autobus22, Ardyle Rerun of almost the same bill as before, after recent incident need for this bill was proven therefore it was re-proposed and passed. Passed (16-4)
16 September 2017 5th Haven Greenspaces Bill (V1) autobus22 2 0 0 Noodle, autobus22 Making sure the city looks and functions well means green-spaces and parks should also have some regulation for their existance to avoid 5th Haven turning out dull and grey. These regulations are relatively mild and give a lot of freedom for building, they are not obstructive to people building or planning the city and therefore there should be no reason to not pass this bill. Rejected (8-11)
16 September 2017 Anti Filibuster Bill autobus22 x x x Neaver headed to vote This bill adds a simple guideline that can avoid filibusters. Bill was not heard under first test of new voting system.
16 September 2017 Drivers Union Bill autobus22 3 0 0 Noodle, autobus22, Ardyle Adds a system to allow proper timetabling to be accurate on manual lines under the new concession based system. (Note: weeks after this bill was rejected it turned out to never be needed for various reasons) Rejected (9-10)
16 September 2017 Pangea Railway Identification Bill autobus22 x x x Neaver headed to vote This bill proposes an alternative to Mc_Dunc's bill for the same purpose with somewhat different guidelines. Bill was not heard under first test of new voting system.
16 September 2017 Fifth Haven Parliamentary Comittee Bill MC_Dunc 1 0 0 Noodle This bill contains major flaws for which the majority of the party did not wish for this bill to pass. However, the member in question did not agree with this reasoning and voted to pass the bill in line with our policy to let our members vote freely on topics we deem to be less important.
16 September 2017 Pangea Railway Permit Bill MC_Dunc 1 0 0 Noodle After the other bill was declined to be hard this bill still offers a viable alternative where there does need to be regulation.
23 September 2017 Parliament term revision bill Wolvhaven Senate 1 0 1 Noodle, autobus22 We had some concerns with how long the new terms are but in end neither members present saw objections to vote against the bill.
23 September 2017 Gardellia Abandoned Claims Bill Endermat96 1 1 0 Noodle, autobus22 Both members agreed regulation is needed for this subject because it is an issue. One member expressed concerns with certain sections of the bill which waren't fixed before the vote, therefore voted against. The other member trusted the Senate would fix the issues the bill has.
23 September 2017 5th Haven Green-spaces bill (Revised) autobus22 2 0 0 Noodle, autobus22 Revised Bill from past session to address concerns Rejected (5-10)
30 September 2017 Parliament Voting Regulation Bill Endermat96 0 0 2 Noodle, autobus22 The HGP is neutral on this issue recognising the up and downsides.
30 September 2017 Architect Reward Scheme Bill Minebuilder1223 1 0 0 Noodle The HGP sees no issue in the passing of this bill. It has positive effects on the economy.
30 September 2017 Gardellia Fed. & Council Establishment Bill Minebuilder1223 1 0 0 Noodle The HGP was split on whether or not to vote yes on the bill or not. In the end we decided this bill's usefulness outweighed the concerns that came with it.

6th Parliament

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
24 June 2017 Southern Westford island Habitation Bill Aldranster50 0 1 0 autobus22 This is not the right way to work on inhabiting the area, current infrastructure is ready for habitation, issue lies in zoning and building types, not in roads, overpasses and infrastructure edits.
24 June 2017 EPSR (Examiner Promotion System Revamp) Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Right now examiner promotions are often unclear and poorly documented and the system is liable to easy misuse, having a system where people are require to vote aye/nay or -/+ on people for examiners with the same 3 person + requirement as right now ,gives a proportional and more effective system and weeding out of people who are not fit for the job. Passed (8-7)
24 June 2017 Citizen Test Screenshot Promotion Rule Adjustment Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 This bill proposes outside of the already implemented background checks in all cases a full screenshot, not a snippet has to be used for promotion to citizen. It is not harder to people with a snippet tool to select their whole Minecraft window and it gives a small, but existent layer of people having a less easy time to hide illegal client modification Rejected (10-8)
24 June 2017 Sherlock Homes Bill autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Adding more homes for people to use due to an active shortage in homes. Passed (11-7)

autobus22's Pre-HGP votes

Note: Bills where no history is in Parliament Papers nor critical parts of the vote remembered by autobus22 are excluded. (Also note some of these are up to three years ago, ideologies do shift slightly. We provide older data as a form of transparency, not as an accurate measure of our ideologies, for that look at the HGP's own votes.) Also note: though I tried my hardest to create an accurate list, memories aren't always accurate.

Q3 2015

NOTE: This included only a single session according to records.

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
Q3-2015 Should political parties be formed? Colaborative Proposal 0 0 1 autobus22 I did not see a reason why this should be a thing but I did not object either.
Q3-2015 Should donations be implemented? autobus22/ROM5419 1 0 0 autobus22 It would help cover for high server costs. Passed
Q3-2015 Ban invisible potions Axton 1 0 0 autobus22 Members should not be able to vanish using potions to avoid annoyance and possible interference with staff duties.

Q2 2015

Date Bill Tabling Party Votes (Aye) Votes (Nay) Votes (Abstain) Present Reason (In Short) Result (If Own Bill)
Q2-2015 Session01 Ban Traincarts in Sandbox SilverWolv 1 0 0 autobus22 Lag related reasons. (This was before call-upon systems where introduced)
Q2-2015 Session01 Matt Transit Tramway reconstruction Ziggy85 1 0 0 autobus22 The tram is an important historical, social and transport item on the server and should be maintained and updated when needed.
Q2-2015 Session01 Allow Cracked Players KenChu 0 1 0 autobus22 This would compromise server security.
Q2-2015 Session02 Stricter Law Enforcement Axton 1 0 0 autobus22 Enforcement of laws was too lax before this ruling and compromised server security and enjoyability.
Q2-2015 Session02 Usage of traincarts in Gardellia autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Comfort and need of useage related reasons. (This was before call-upon systems where introduced and before the more serious issues around the server lag started becoming apparent) Partial-Pass
Q2-2015 Session02 Age Restriction on server ROM5419 0 1 0 autobus22 This would not benefit wolvhaven.
Q2-2015 Session03 Reduce Metro Lines (Amount of Lines) KenChu 0 1 0 autobus22 This would not benefit wolvhaven.
Q2-2015 Session03 Stricter forum moderation autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 Forum spam was common and staff waren't very active to help solve it, and regulations were too lax allowing it to happen and turn forum into a mess. Rejected
Q2-2015 Session03 Remove inactive staff members from their positions Y0 1 0 0 autobus22 Speaks for itself.
Q2-2015 Session06 Demote nakokun Y0 0 1 0 autobus22 It did not at that point add value to demote staff members that where less active.
Q2-2015 Session06 Stop Having Mod Elections Y0 0 1 0 autobus22 I am unsure why I voted this way, I know this due to records.
Q2-2015 Session06 Ban players for plagiarism Y0 0 1 0 autobus22 Though banning is the eventual option back then I took a milder stance to give at least one warning or lower punishment before banning permanently.
Q2-2015 Session06 Open Gardellia by end May autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 I wanted to put pressure on myself to get it done despite being busy. Passed
Q2-2015 Session06 Allow players to ask staff for worldedit help autobus22 1 0 0 autobus22 I wanted to make sure people could quicker do bigger projects without the risk of giving WE to random members. Passed
Q2-2015 Session06 Give moderators permission to build in the city KenChu 1 0 0 autobus22 I saw no reason why not.
Q2-2015 Session06 Harder Math Questions for citizen test ROM5419 0 1 0 autobus22 Would essentially impose age limit I disagreed with.
Q2-2015 Session06 Demote Rom5419 ROM5419 0 1 0 autobus22 No. NO!
Q2-2015 Session06 WolvHaven “National Anthem” before each session ROM5419 0 1 0 autobus22 Not a fan of such ceremonial things.
Q2-2015 Session07 Open lines 5 6 or 7 in Westford SilverWolv 0.3 0.6 0 autobus22 Open line 6 only was the vote
Q2-2015 Session07 Ban Graweeel Colaborative Proposal 0 0 1 autobus22 His behaviour in recent times more then warranted this. Left to others due to potential conflict of interest.