Hyeres Line

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Hyeres Line
Line Overview
Operator(s) Matt Transit under HRailways brand
Line Length ?
Runs Through Castelnau Le Lez & Hyeres


FICTIONAL: The line was a short branch line built in 1928 from Hyeres to the current Castelnau Le Lez Mainline station, after Baie station the service used the mainline tracks up to Castelnau Le Lez mainline station, terminating at a now non-existent 3rd platform at the station.

After the government's plan to develop Seaside as the new CBD in the 1970s the track between Baie station and the mainline was removed to make way for construction, and a new terminus station was built at grade at Seaside (where Trait D'Union and LaSquare are currently located).

The extension of the Castelnau Underground changed the fortunes of the dying branch line, the extension came with the construction of the Trait D'Union and LaSquare buildings, meaning that the Seaside Terminus of the line had to be relocated. Instead of building a new underground station, through service commenced with the Castelnau Underground with trains stopping at all station between Seaside Central and Lez Riverside stations.

IRL MC: the line finished construction on the 17th of July 2017.


Status Code Name Connections
Index.png Hyeres
Index.png Baie
Index.png Seaside Central Through service to Lez Riverside & Ferry to Palm Ridge

Service Pattern

All trains continue on to Lez Riverside

6tph peak hours Mon-Fri

5tph off peak Mon-Fri

5tph Sat

4tph Sun

3tph Late Night