Island Stadium

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Island Stadium
Capacity 455
Home Team Rockham United
Year Built 2017
Renovated n/a
Pitch Size 1247m2

The Island Stadium is Located Within The Constituency Of Rockham [RN3]. Its Home To Rockham United Football Club. The Stadium Has An Capacity Of 455


In 1978, The Stadium Plans Were Made And Submitted To Rockham Constituency Council As The Team Finally Rised For The Central Cities League (5) To The Southern National (2). RCC Agreed To The Plans To Build The Stadium And Would Be Ready In 1980. During This Time, The Team Was Not Allowed To Get Promoted Due To The Stadium Conditions. In 1980, After Playing In There 200-Capacity Stadium Of East Beach, The Team Moved From East Beach Fields To Island Stadium. The Team Finished 5th That Season. In 1988, The Team Announced An 100-Seat Expansion After Qualifying For The MFC Champions League (for the first time), Which Stated That Stadiums Needed A Minimum Of 300 Seats, But The MFC Gave A 2-Year Special Permission Since It Was Estimated For That Long. It Took 3 Years But Were Not Allowed To Participate In The 1990-1991 MFC Champions League. In 1999, The Final Extension (as of right now) Were Planned, And Would Increase The Capacity By 60 Seats. This Took Place During The Summer Of Between The Finish Of The 1999-2000 Season And 2000-2001 Season. A Second-Phase Took Place Between The End Of The 2000-2001 Season And The Start Of The 2001-2002 Season, Adding 30 Seats With 6 Disabled Places.

Capacity Changes

30/09/17 - 268

03/10/17 - 369 [27 Standing]

03/11/17 - 427

--/1-/17 - 455

27/12/17 - 434

Current: 434