July 23 Attack

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July 23 Attack
Event Overview
Location Sandbox
Date July 23 2013
Target Any builds within sandbox
Attack Type

Mass Grief

Location Sandbox
Perpetrators mrgreen289

The July 23rd Attack (also known as the day that changed WolvHaven) was a mass grief attack carried out by mrgreen289 against WolvHaven on the morning of 23 July 2013. The attacks affected 60% of the entire Sandbox world and caused over 2mil blocks of damage.

A mob spawning exploit within Sandbox was utilized by mrgreen289 to cause mass grief and destruction to all builds that were found within the sandbox. This caused craters all over the sandbox and partially destroyed or collapsed buildings. In addition, a massive amount of lava was poured over the builds which caused further extensive damage to the world.

The availability of block logging plugins such as CoreProtect made it easy to determine the perpetrator and methods used to cause said destruction. The perpetrator was quickly identified and later banned on the same day. Restoration of the world took hours as members of staff slowly rolled back the damage within the world.

This event was WolvHaven's first ever mass grief/terror attack. It would go on to change the way WolvHaven handles new players. Many policy changes followed out of precautions or fear of future similar attacks.