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Kralyn City
Kralynian Flag
Founder MachineMatster
Driving Side Right
City Anthem To The Sky [1]
Founded 12/26/16
Station Code BN9/GN5

Kralyn is a city in the Gardellia world located at staion BN9/GN5. The city was founded on December 26, 2016 by MachineMatster(Endermat96).


Ever since late 2016 Kralyn as been a slowly developing city in Gardellia. In early 2017 a Trump wall was established to control a border between Kralyn and Nelsonburg. A Trump wall was roughly set up halfway between the two town's railway stations to avoid possible border issues in future development. However the wall came down due to issues with certain players.


Kralyn has been leveled flat within the low plains. Despite being landlocked, the city has 2 rivers. The Oder River resides within the southwestern border along the Harbor District. It's known for separating Nelsonburg, Kralyn, and Jinol apart. While the Pearl River flows along the southern border of the city within the Downtown District. The river is set as the border between Kralyn and Jinol.