L'Union de la Gardellia Méridionale

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L'Union de la Gardellia Méridionale
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L'Union de la Gardellia Méridionale, in English 'the Union of Southern Gardellia, was an treaty union between 2 cities in Gardellia. The Union was created to bind these cities together and to make them prosper.

The Union was dissolved by its members on April 12th 2017.

Le Conseil de l'Union de la Gardellia Méridionale

Le Conseil was the legislature body of l'Union. Le Conseil could create laws about any matter and stod over the parliaments of the cities. Le Conseil's meeting were held in La Ville Socialiste and sometimes in other cities of l'Union.

La Commission de l'Union de la Gardellia Méridionale

La Commission was the executive body of l'Union. La Commission enforced the laws created by le Conseil. La Commission was lead by le Premier Commissaire and the other Commissaires worked with special political areas.