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Les Vincennes Bay is a town located a few miles away from Gardellia Central City. The area is located in the northeastern region of Gardellia, neighbouring Pellegroine, Ipswich and Admiral. Notable buildings include the parliament building and Arkington Estate.

Ownership and geography

This town is owned by VincentLUMCFan. The town lies in lush greenery (plain fields) with spruce forests to the east and north. Extreme hills barricade the town from the vast majority of Pellegroine in the west.

The town is situated a few stops away from Gardellia Central on the North East line, in the northeastern Gardellian area.

Architectural influence

The town is mainly British, about to be developed into a city. Classical buildings are mainly European and British if possible, while modern buildings have a less defined architecture due to lack of modern British modern builds.


The parliament building at night.

The government buildings here are still largely under construction, with the most prominent being the council building and the parliament building. The council building, known as Cubecil, also functions as the city hall of LV Bay. Inspired by a modern building in Avon, England, Cubecil is situated on the west side of the town, near the beach.

The parliament building, on the other hand, is mainly original, with its architectural style taken mainly from old European architecture. It is situated right at the bay of the town. Previously, it was next to the mainline just on the approach to LV Bay mainline station.

Besides these buildings, a courthouse is planned to be constructed next to the parliament building.

Les Vincennes Bay is a member of the Northwestern Gardellian Alliance (NWGA), founded by Baymax1020.


The main source of income of the town is currently from franchise incentives, the largest being earnings from the company, Viniture. It is also managed by the owner. Currently, the company owns more than 5 franchises scattered across the Gardellia townships.


There are currently a few residential areas, including Sewell Green and Leighbury Park. Houses in the former are largely semi-detached houses, with a row of shoplot on a separate street. This area was inspired by a neighbourhood in South Woodford, London.

Leighbury Park, on the other hand, has 2 residential towers. Vermont condominium was the first to be built, with more than 20 floors. Arkington Estate is a new public housing block, with 10 floors and 40 rooms. The penthouse then sits on these 10 floors. Inspired by a small public housing tower for council members in Northern England, the tower features a minimalist design for optimum storage.


By train

A major interchange station named after the town itself is NE-N8, CC-N17 on the Gardellia Mainlines Red and Green Lines. An alternative would be the 3 Crosseastern metro stations, namely Les Vincennes West, Les Vincennes Central and Les Vincennes Tower Plaza. Crosseastern metro connects the town and Pellegroine, Parramatta, Ipswich and Rotherhithe.

Vincennes Rapid Transit (VRT) currently manages the Central line, the first line to open in LV Bay, coloured red. It consists of 3 stations in Phase 1, namely Sewell Green, Leighbury Park and Tower Plaza. The line is planned to be extended to a new development area in the northeastern spruce forest named Bercowsford, under the Phase 2 contract. The extension will have 2 new stations; one at Bercowsford, the other at the upcoming bus hub. Phase 3 will be to extend to Pellegroine Gardens, with an intermediate station.

By bus

A new bus line opened on 15 April 2019, known as Route 10. The bus route connects both Ipswich and LV Bay, providing adequate transport for the first time.


An upcoming industrial zone is at its planning stages, situated to the east of the LV Bay train depot. This area is wholely managed and developed by Heiopeii.