M1 (HOTH Metro)

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M1 (HOTH Metro)
M1 Town Centre.png
Operator HOTH Metro
Location Harton-On-The-Hill, Gardellia
Opened 22/11/19
Harton Mainline(M1)
Town Centre (HOTH)

The M1 line in Harton-On-The-Hill is a manual line, connecting the Mainline station with the Town Centre and Parade areas of the town. M1 Runs through Stations (As of 27/03/20) Mainline Station, Town Centre and North Parade.


M1 was firstly intended to be an Only line in HOTH before M2 was considered. It was going to be and still is going to be the connection from mainline to a future port at the coast, the line was also my (perfecttrains) first attempt at making a line. M1 was always going to be manual and was decided to be under the mainline station when I finished with the Mainline station above. After M1 Mainline station was I originally thought of making it continue straight for longer than it did, but I kept it short to follow the road plan I had.

Town Centre station was originally not going to be the town centre but after making it, it came to the conclusion that it would be fit for a sort of town centre.


M1 starts at Mainline station just under the main tracks (Fun Fact: The depot for M1 is currently behind the platforms with the driver centre just under it.) After leaving Mainline station, M1 takes a Right heading north over to Town Centre before continuing straight over some Crossovers, onto the new tunnel section just before entering North Parade where it currently Terminates.