M2 (HOTH Metro)

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M2 (HOTH Metro)
M2 North Parade.png
Operator HOTH Metro
Location Harton-On-The-Hill, Gardellia
Opened 01/01/20
Town Centre (HOTH)

The M2 line in Harton-On-The-Hill is a semi-auto line, connecting the Town Centre with the Office and Residential areas of the town. M2 Runs through Stations (As of 27/03/20) Town Centre, Residential Flats, Office District, HOTH Shopping Centre and North Parade.


M2 was originally going to be Semi-Auto to start with but the idea of where it was going to go was when I (Perfecttrains) was making a roundabout and thought about putting a shopping centre there, as it was so close to the town centre I didn't want to put another stop on M1, instead, I made M2 start there.


M2, Starts facing East at Town Centre, then it continues East over to Residential Flats before taking a Left heading north, before exiting at Hoth River Portal, in which it takes a sudden Left going up before arriving at Office District. After departing from Office District, M2 heads West before going over the roundabout to take a Right into HOTH Shopping Centre. Then when departing it heads over the Road while passing over HOTH River before diving into Parade Portal. Once in the tunnel it takes a very sharp curve which takes it straight into North Parade where it terminates for now.