Matt's Fast Food

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Matt's Fast Food
Franchise Overview
Owner Matthieu_Dinh
Number of shops 50
Worlds Gardellia and City
Base in Gardellia: Castelnau Le Lez


The first shop in WolvHaven was opened in Stalingrad. The franchise was originally from another server. The first Prime Matt's Fast Food was launched on the 11th of March 2018 in Balmoral. The 50th Matt's Fast Food opened at Gateway Estate in Lisa Island on the 12th of July 2018.


Stalingrad (4H)

City Hall Metro (4H)

Galerie de Renai (4H)

Castelnau Le Lez - Maguelones (Gardellia)

Fukuya Station (Gardellia)

Castelnau Le Lez - Halles de la Paillade (Gardellia)

Palm Ridge Mall Food Court (Gardellia)

Nelsonburg (Gardellia)

Odaki (Gardellia)

Castelnau Le Lez - Trait D'Union (Gardellia)

West Palm Ridge (Gardellia)

Parametta (Gardellia)

Lisa Island - Old Port (Gardellia)

Lisa Island - Le Mall (Gardellia)

Konstanz - Westfield Mall (Gardellia)

Les Vincennes Bay - Vermont (Gardellia)

Ember Coast - Cote Street (Gardellia)

Ember Coast - The Stallion (Gardellia)

Ember Coast - Lime House (Gardellia)

L'Arret de Montagne (Gardellia)

Cacklesburg - Marktstrasse (Gardellia)

Balmoral (Gardellia)

Sandridge - Mainline Station (Paid Area) (Gardellia)

District 9 - Mainline Station (Gardellia)

Schitt's Creak - Mainline Station (Gardellia)

Hineno - Mainline Station (Gardellia)

Sandridge - Central Market (Gardellia)

Dalesburg - Allentown Mall (Gardellia)

Castelnau - Castelnau Arena (Gardellia)

Castelnau - Paillade Nord Station (Gardellia)

Sandridge - Mainline Station - Shopping Mall (Unpaid Area) (Gardellia)

Konstanz - Rainbow Wall Building (Gardellia)

Balmoral - Square Root X Mall (Gardellia)

Ildefonso - SM City (Gardellia)

Lamboland - Seaborg Street Market (Gardellia)

Palm Ridge - Ajax Boulevard (Gardellia)

Jinol - TCI Mall (Gardellia)

Ipswich - High Street Mall (Gardellia)

Carrington - Carrington Quarter (Gardellia)

Palm Ridge - Connor (Gardellia)

Jinol Central Station (Gardellia)

Cranbrook - SM Mall (Gardellia)

Cranbrook - LeQuay (Gardellia)

Ember Coast - The Noillats, Piazza Acacia (Gardellia)

Cranbrook - Central Station (Gardellia)

Les Vincennes Bay - Malaysian Shoplots (Gardellia)

Cranbrook - FTrans Arena (Gardellia)

Sint Maartenstad - Centraal (Gardellia)

Lisa Island - Gateway Estate (Gardellia)

Bold indicates Prime Matt's Fast Food locations

Italics indicates Matt's Fast Food Corner locations


Ever since ~mid 2012 the menu has stayed the same:

Chicken $1.00

Beef $2.00

Rice $0.50

Free soup is provided.

Tofu's Fast Food

The Tofu's Fast Food spinoff was established on the 22nd of April 2018.


Ember Coast - Boundary Lane Shopping Center (Gardellia)


Doufufa 1.00

Steamed Tofu 1.00

Fried Tofu 1.00

Free rice and soup is provided.


With the opening of Gardellia, Matt's Fast Food hopes to open many restaurants in various cities.