Matt Transit Castelnau Le Lez - Palm Ridge Line

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Castelnau Le Lez - Palm Ridge Line
Line Overview
Operator(s) Matt Transit under the Connect brand
Line Length ?
Runs Through Castelnau Le Lez, Gospley, Palm Ridge

The line officially started construction on the 14/1/17. It acts as a local street level service to the Blue Gardellia Mainline between Castelnau Le Lez and Palm Ridge. It is commercially called Connect1

The line opened on 8/3/17 between Maguelones and Beaulieu, the official inauguration of phase 1 and 1A took place on the 11th. Phase 1B was opened and inaugurated on the 12/3/17.


Not All are marked yet

Status Code Name Connections
Red.png Canal (closed) Transport HUB & Intercity Buses
Red.png Campus Agropolis (closed)
Red.png Expo (closed)
Index.png Maguelones Gardellia Blue/Yellow/Red Mainline
Index.png Luynes
Index.png Beaulieu
Index.png Paillade
Red.png Future Fill In Station (closed)
Index.png Aberdeen
Index.png Palm Ridge Central Bus 11 to Ferries

NOTE: Line operated in 2 separate parts.


Phase 1: Maguelones Luynes Beaulieu

Phase 1A: Palm Ridge Central Aberdeen

Phase 1B: Expo Canal

Phase Agropolis: Addition of Campus Agropolis Station, subsequently merged with phase 1B. Hence the narrow island platform.

Phase 1 Extension: Paillade Station. The station was opened due to the construction of the Halles de La Paillade (shopping mall) nearby.